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Computer Camp

Education Unlimited - Computer Camp

Web design and software programming are perhaps the most sought-after skills in this hi-tech era. For tech-savvy students who want a leg up in the competition by building critical computer skills early in life, or for students who just love gaming, design and logic, Education Unlimited’s Computer Camp offers hands-on instruction in both creative and practical computer skills. Experienced instructors encourage students to use their imaginations while exploring fundamental and emerging technologies and software.

Why an Education Unlimited Computer Camp?

Individualized Instruction. EU seeks to offer the most personalized instruction possible, with separate sessions for elementary, middle and high school campers that break students into skill-level groups. Students are placed in small classes with remarkably low student to teacher ratios. On the first day, instructors assess each student’s previous experience and knowledge in order to challenge them appropriately and provide a fun, tailored learning experience.

A Computer for Each Student. Each student receives his/her up-to-date PC during the course of the program. 

Top Instructors. We recruit instructors from top Universities and/or hire experienced industry professionals. Each instructor has a specialty in some aspect of web programming and/or design, in addition to experience working with K-12 students.

University Campus Life. Students at Computer Camp live in the heart of American computer innovation- the San Francisco Bay Area. Participants eat in university dining halls and take classes on-campus. They play sports on sprawling green quads, watch movies in dorm lounges, and get a taste of the exciting life of a college student on a prestigious campus.

Challenging Core Curriculum. Each session gives students an opportunity to focus on a particular specialty. 

Our 2014 specialties include:

Web Design (June 22 - 27 at UC Berkeley and July 27 - Aug 2 at Stanford)

This component of our program’s curriculum equips students with the skills to construct their own web sites. Starting with HTML, the uniform language of web development, student will learn to code the bare bones of a webpage by hand. Once students are proficient in HTML, they will learn the more advanced components of building a website with software used by professionals. Advanced students may create and manipulate images with Adobe Photoshop, program sophisticated interactive commands to enhance textual, graphical, and structural components with DHTML, JavaScript, CSS and XHTML and Flash. Students may also work with industry standard software Macromedia Dreamweaver to create a polished webpage for evaluation.

Java Programming (July 27 - Aug 2 at Stanford)

Programmers universally use Java Programming language to code software applications and games. Our curriculum begins with teaching students Java syntax through Karel the Robot. Students learn about Java in the scope of mathematics and logic and eventually draw graphics with looping. The climax of the Java curriculum culminates with students designing and executing simple games by implementing the knowledge they have acquired about this sophisticated computer language.

Business and Technology (August 3 - 8 at Stanford)

This special focus week for middle school students allows campers to learn the fundamental software skills used in the corporate world, such as office suites, spreadsheets, and presentation software. Fun activities allow students to apply the software skills to business problems. Examples of past projects include building a business plan, modeling the stock market on a spreadsheet, designing a business website, building a business database, developing a resume, and designing product packaging. Through hands-on instruction in business software, such as spreadsheets, Filemaker, and web-based SAS applications students gain practical skills that can be applied to class projects or to their entrepreneurial ambitions. Students will give a final showcase presentation to parents using Powerpoint, Prezi or other presentation software. 

Elementary Education Week (August 10  - 15 at Stanford)

Offered exclusively at Stanford University, this special session of Computer Camp is designed to meet the needs of younger students entering the 4-6 grades. Elementary Education students will study the same basic skills as standard Computer Camp students in a setting designed to encourage younger students’ enthusiasm for the activities. Our supportive and experienced staff lead fun educational activities and provide supervision that is appropriate for these younger students. Campers survey Web Design and Desktop Publishing. They create a web page on a topic of their own choosing, such as a favorite sport or cartoon. Students also work together to create a Camp Newsletter, each designing a page of their own. Classroom hours, recreational activities, and supervision are adjusted specifically for elementary school students. During this session, special commuter and extended care options are available, though students may also choose to stay in the campus dorms. Contact Education Unlimited for pricing details.

"The best feature of this camp was the amazing amount of time we spent doing practice applications with the programming language, gaining lots of hands on experience." -Murtaza Munaim, Computer Camper

“(The instructor) is fun and lets us learn hands-on and is there when we need help...I want to come back.” -Cathy McDermott, Computer Camper

2014 Computer Camp Staff

Staff are typically drawn from experts in the subject matter and/or exceptional, proven teachers, usually a combination of the two. Staff vary by program, but staffing at all camps are held to the highest possible standards. Some of the camp teachers we have confirmed for this summer include:

Education Unlimited - Elizabeth Bull (Camp Director)

Elizabeth Bull, Camp Director

Elizabeth Bull is a writer and filmmaker. Her writing has been published in various journals, including H.O.W. Journal, Third Coast, Gulf Coast, and the LA Review of Books, and has been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes. She’s worked in original series development at AMC during the creation of “Mad Men and “Breaking Bad,” and has written and directed several short films. Recently, she co-wrote the feature film “Song of Sway Lake,” and regularly collaborates with writers/directors as a reader and guide. Elizabeth has also co-produced two feature films, and a television series for Fuse.

She graduated from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television with a BA and The New School with an MFA. She studied directing at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design, and Technology on a Rotary International Fellowship and taught writing at the University of Zadar in Croatia on a Fulbright Fellowship.  Elizabeth has taught writing with Education Unlimited for seven years, and started directing the A+ and Emerging Writers Institute programs in 2010.  

Education Unlimited - Navid Shaghaghi (Lead Computer Instructor)

Navid Shaghaghi, Lead Computer Instructor

Navid is a Computer Camp Instructor at Education Unlimited.

He recieved his Masters Degree in Sustainable Energy Engineering from Santa Clara University and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of California at Berkeley with a bachelor of science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and a bachelor of arts in Philosophy. He also has seven associate degrees in Mathematics, Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, and Teacher Education Preparation. As a student leader, Navid was a student government senator, chairman of various committees, Inter Club Council President, and the founder of two student organizations and two campus political parties.

Professionally, Navid is a computer engineering Adjunct Lecturer at Santa Clara University and a veteran Education Unlimited computer camp instructor. He was a computer engineer at Santa Clara University's Media Services and a web developer for UC Berkeley during his graduate studies.  Also, he has been a Math, Physics, and Computer Science Tutor for nearly a decade, and has worked as a Teaching Assistant, computer network designer, computer/web programmer, and Auto CAD contractor. One of his favorite programming languages is Java and he enjoys teaching it a lot because the language enables its developers to "write once, run anywhere", meaning that code written by Java programmers runs on any platform and does not need to be changed when used on platforms different from the one the code was written on. This, for him, captures the true essence of open source programming.

Navid currently lives in Berkeley, California and enjoys hiking, photography, movies, and philosophizing with friends and old professors on his spare time. 

Education Unlimited - Jake Wasserman (Public Speaking and Leadership Camp Director)

Jake Wasserman, Public Speaking and Leadership Camp Director

Jake Wasserman is excited to be returning for his 16th summer with Education Unlimited, and to be meeting one of your children as his 3000th camper.  Since 1997, Jake has participated in the launching of 6 EU programs, including the first Public Speaking and Computer camps, the first Elementary camp, and now the High School Leadership camp. During the September to May "off-season," Jake works on college readiness, career preparation, and civic development for students in the Oakland Unified School District.  He is currently a graduate student at Mills College, pursuing a joint MBA and Educational Leadership MA, focusing on the role of public school as the incubator for future citizens.  He is proud to be a first generation Oaklander, a second generation UC undergrad, and an ongoing contributor to the Black Rock City temporary autonomous zone, a participant research lab experiment in volunteerism conducted by 50,000 people each year in the white sands desert of north west Nevada.  He will be the lead instructor for the group projects during the leadership camp at Stanford, and will be helping students translate their passions for change into a workable strategy and design, learning along the way how to amplify their own efforts through the contributions of others.

We will continue to add additional staff members as enrollment and availability dictate. Details are posted on additional staff members as they are confirmed.

Upcoming Sessions
* Tentative and Subject to Change

Session Grade Location Price Range  
Jun 14th 2015 - Jun 20th 2015 9th - 12th UC Berkeley $2,095.00 – $2,470.00
Jul 26th 2015 - Aug 1st 2015 9th - 12th Stanford University $2,095.00 – $2,470.00