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Peter Paccone, Instructor

Peter Paccone is an accomplished educator with over three decades of teaching experience teaching a diverse list of social studies and humanities courses including AP American History and Mock Trial.  His reputation as an innovative and engaging educator has led to numerous accolades, including being recognized by the Henry Ford Foundation as one of the top twenty most innovative teachers in America in 2013.

Peter's dedication to education also earned him the California History-Social Science Teacher of the Year award in 2015, which celebrates exceptional educators who inspire students to become active and informed citizens. Additionally, in 2016, he was named a PBS Digital Innovator for his role in helping fellow educators effectively integrate technology into their classrooms.

Beyond his achievements in teaching, Peter is also a renowned presenter at teacher conferences, a sought-after keynote speaker, a passionate podcast host and a prolific blogger who frequently writes about CHatGPT. He's also the coach of the SMHS mock trail team.