33% Bonus Credit when you spend $750

- Spend $750, get $1000 in Camp Credit!

- Spend $1500, get $2000 in Camp Credit!

25% Bonus Credit when you spend $100

- Spend $100, get $125 in Camp Credit!

- Spend $200, get $250 in Camp Credit!

PLUS: Combine the above in any way you'd like! For example, receive $2250 worth of camp credit and spend only $1700. 

     Sounds great! How Do I Sign Up?

          Option 1)
Pay by ACH/Electronic

                          - Click here to be directed to the ACH Payment page
                          - Enter your email address and use "Camp Credit" for the camp name
                          - Enter the amount of camp credit you would like to purchase in $750 and/or $100 increments (see example above)
                          - Once purchased, you will receive an email receipt immediately. A confirmation with your redemption code will follow within 72 hours

         Option 2)
Alternatively, you may also send a check indicating the amount of $1000 credits and $100 credits you would like to purchase. Please address your check to Education Unlimited, 1700 Shattuck Ave #305, Berkeley, CA 94709.

Camp Credit Terms & Conditions

  • The camp credit cannot be combined with any other offer or discount, but can be combined with other camp credit.
  • The camp credit has no cash value and expires at the end of summer 2021.
  • The camp credit can be extended for an additional year by paying a 5% fee before July 15, 2021.
  • The camp credit is valid for any Education Unlimited program at any of our sites and can be used for any of your children. It is not valid on Camp Brainy Bunch programs. 
  • Enrollment is guaranteed through April 1st, after April 1st camp credit cannot be used to enroll in camps that are already filled to capacity.
  • Once you have registered with the camp credit, all standard refund policies will apply.
  • Change protection is not included but may be purchased separately at the time of registration.
  • This offer may be withdrawn once allotted credits are sold out.