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John Propster Jr, MA

Education Unlimited - John Propster Jr, MA (Instructor)

John Propster Jr, MA — Instructor

John Propster has been involved with video production since high school...many years ago.  He graduated from San Francisco State University with a major in Drama.  Has an MA from UCLA in Secondary Education.  Studied in England through the Drama-in-Education program at NYU. He has been teaching video production classes since 1987 for San Francisco Unified Schools at Balboa and George Washington High schools.  This is the 4th camp John has taught for Education Unlimited. He believes the prime directive is to Tell Your Story. Everything else is secondary.  Through taking classes at BAVC in San Francisco, John keeps current on the latest developments in video production and editing platforms.  John enjoys helping young people discover what stories they have to tell and how to bring them to life through video.