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Armand Gerstenberger, EdM

Education Unlimited - Armand Gerstenberger, EdM (Assistant Director)

Armand Gerstenberger, EdM — Assistant Director

Armand holds an Ed.M. in Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics, and an M.S. in Applied Statistics from Columbia University. He completed his undergrad studying developmental and health psychology, statistics, and music in Castleton, Vermont and now resides in a building in NYC containing more people than his whole undergrad college. Currently, he is symbiotically involved in proposing his dissertation, and building a small, albeit noisy, community vibe as the Student Life chair on Student Senate. 

Beyond academics, Armand gathers the most reward away from spreadsheets, outdoors, behind a camera or on a bike (often simultaneously). Against all odds, he has not yet driven his bike into any moving or stationary objects. Armand can often be seen consulting/tutoring panicked/perplexed students in his second home, the library. When he is vacationing from the library, he enjoys hosting game nights, playing guitar and participating in miscellaneous sports. 

Armand looks forward to creating synergy between the different camps at Stanford this summer, facilitating exciting recreational activities, and taking pictures to capture the action!