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Katibelle Sharkey

Education Unlimited - Katibelle Sharkey (Instructor )

Katibelle Sharkey — Instructor

Katibelle was born and raised in the Bay Area and has spent many years exploring the culture and architecture of Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. She is proficient in a multitude of digital mediums and is fluent in four different coding languages (Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript). She is currently majoring in Sculpture at Rhode Island School of Design while also minoring in both Computation and Cultural Studies. 


She has frequented many graphic design internships and jobs over the years. Her passion is art, and she explores art in many forms; from digital mediums such as graphic design, coding and videography to physical mediums such as welding and woodworking. 


She is an avid reader, and enjoys theory, philosophy, sociology and psychology. Spending most of her free time reading everything from Sigmund Freud to Judith Butler. She also has a love of coding and the endless possibilities of digital mediums. She has the hopes of one day being a practicing and successful fine artist.