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Norie Kipp

Education Unlimited - Norie Kipp (Resident Advisor & Academic Tutor)

Norie Kipp — Resident Advisor & Academic Tutor

Norie was born and raised in Baltimore but went to school amidst the cornfields of Ohio, where her world was rocked by the plethora of interesting people vastly different from herself and the abundance of gorgeous cows. She likes biking, reading, and crafting (hoping to learn woodworking), and at parties you will find her crouching by the bed trying to entice the cat to play.


Norie graduated from Kenyon College in May 2015 with a Bachelors degree in French and Mandarin. For the past two years, she has been working as a teacher in western France in a high school, helping students laisser tomber their heavy accents and appreciate American culture. Living abroad during this most turbulent election season, she has also spent a lot of her year talking about politics, to her dismay. 


This will be Norie’s first time working with Education Unlimited Summer camps, and it will be her first time living in California. She looks forward to helping her students find motivation, enthusiasm, and curiosity to succeed in their coursework but also discover the city. Norie has lots of experience living in new places and hopes to help her students feel more comfortable and at ease on the Berkeley campus.