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Nora Sepulveda, MA

Education Unlimited - Nora Sepulveda, MA (Instructor)

Nora Sepulveda, MA — Instructor

A Ventura County native, Nora received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Communication Studies in 2015 and recently completed her graduate work receiving a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies. During her tenure as a graduate student at California State University Northridge she worked with students as a Teaching Associate in the Fundamentals of Public Speaking courses as well as Honors.

Her work in Critical Cultural studies through a performative lens was recognized by the CSUN Communication Studies department earning her the Kent Joel Snyder Award in the Fall of 2016. Nora is passionate about her studies and brings the same passion to the classroom to create a dynamic and engaging class environment for her students.


As an instructor Nora pursues a commitment towards student growth in her pedagogical style which focuses on creating a challenging, engaging, and fun environment for students to grow and interact within a community. These efforts contribute towards student advancement in public speaking, interpersonal communication skills, impromptu delivery, and peer debate.


This will be her first year working with the talented students at Education Unlimited and she’s looking forward to meeting you all!