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John-Michael Macdonald

Education Unlimited - John-Michael Macdonald (Instructor)

John-Michael Macdonald — Instructor

John Michael MacDonald is a native of Columbia, Maryland and a graduate of St John’s College, the Great Books school.  Philosophy degree in hand, he promptly pursued a career in theater.  After several years as an actor, John-Michael studied at the London International School of Performing Arts and transitioned to directing.


Since 1997, John-Michael has worked with young people, teaching subjects from Shakespeare’s poetry to 20th century American history to students from elementary to graduate school, and in contexts from one-off workshops to summer camps and high school.  He currently teaches aspiring graduate students the art of analysing arguments: picking out logical flaws, identifying unstated assumptions, and constructing a more grounded counter-argument.


For John-Michael, speech & debate is an intersection of these threads: it combines a philosopher’s commitment to logical rigor with the performer’s comfort and confidence in being seen and heard by a crowd.  This summer students will explore these two branches of public speaking as student practice assembling and delivering their arguments.