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Ben Parson

Education Unlimited - Ben Parson (Instructor)

Ben Parson — Instructor

Ben Parson is a teacher of writing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he is also a fiction candidate in the Master of Fine Arts Program for Poets & Writers. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from UMass with a specialization in Creative Writing. In addition to teaching regular courses at the University, Ben has also worked with the Juniper Institute for Young Writers as an instructor of fiction and poetry, and he has also volunteered with 826 Boston, a non-profit writing and tutoring program for children. Before entering academia, he worked for several years as a film projectionist and a blacksmith’s assistant.

Throughout his education, Ben has had a number of teachers who believed reading and writing to be vital empathic practices, and who therefore worked hard to cultivate that same appreciation in their students—he seeks to do same, and considers the facilitation of education to be an enduring responsibility of all former-students. Disregarding the notion that teachers and professors are ‘purveyors’ of knowledge, Ben believes that learning is a dynamic process which is best served by a multitude of voices and outlooks, often encouraging his students to engage in peer-teaching and to question what they are told.


In addition to his time spent teaching, Ben enjoys reading mythology and comic books, watching old movies, and working with his hands.