Science Camp for Girls

The Science Camp for Girls is the flagship week for science at Education UnlimitedR, held at Stanford University from 7/28/2019 to 8/2/2019. The Science Camps for Girls was originally founded in cooperation with Dr. Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, as Sally Ride Science Camps for Girls.

The mission was to inspire a love of science in young girls. In 2015, after the passing of Dr. Ride, it was renamed the Science Camp for Girls and began to be conducted exclusively by Education Unlimited teachers and staff. We have continued to maintain Dr. Ride's passion for growing the number of young girls and women entering the science fields. Whether your young scientist is showing the beginnings of interest in science or she is brimming with excitement at the idea of a science camp, we have the right program for her.

Our curriculums aim to infuse summer fun with scientific exploration in a warm and supportive atmosphere that challenges girls to think critically about the world in which they live. Through hands-on experiments and daily labs, students will learn to ask the questions that matter. Led by strong female role-models, they will learn the process of scientific exploration. The Science Camp for Girls offers female budding scientists the following 7 majors from which to choose:

Girls Camps    
Anatomy & Physiology Grades 4th-6th
Astronomy Grades 6th-8th
Intro to Engineering Grades 4th-6th
Marine Science Grades 6th-8th
Neuroanatomy Grades 8th-9th
Robotics Grades 7th-9th
Cardiology Grades 6th-8th

Science Camp for Girls Programs

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