Genetics Summer Camp for Middle School Students

In Gene to Genome, students will learn the fundamentals of genetics, centering on the transfer of information through the Central Dogma of Biology (DNA→ RNA→ Protein). Specifically, students will focus on heritable diseases and the mechanisms by which they are inherited. The course begins at the molecular level and zooms out to organismal inheritance and genomic studies.
The course will culminate with a presentation at our very own EU Genetics Conference! Students will take on the role of researchers presenting on a heritable disease to their peers and families, who will take on the role of colleagues in the field.


Our courses are interactive, use videos and images and, most importantly, include hands-on activities such as building model systems using candy and household items, extracting strawberry DNA and observing it under microscopes the students build, and engaging in lab activities and demos in order to explore both the molecular and organismal aspects of inheritance.

Campers will explore careers in genetics on Thursday and see what the praxis of our studies looks like in the professional world. The culminating project will be a presentation to peers and parents on the heritable disease that students have researched as we explore each aspect of our curriculum.
Upcoming 2021 Sessions For Genetics 6-8

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