Please note: This written cancellation policy is always binding and no verbal communication from EU staff can override the written policy. All requests for a waiver must be submitted in writing for our CEO, CFO or Director of Admissions to review.


Once made, payments for virtual programs are not-refundable. However, if you request a change to your online registration at least 7 days prior to the first day of the session, you will receive a 100% camp credit of tuition paid to be used for a future program. Changes or cancellations made within 7 days of the first day of a virtual program will receive a 50% camp credit of tuition paid to be used for a future program.

Tuition will not be pro-rated or refunded for any missed days.


Refund Policy: If a family must cancel, for any reason, within 72 hours of registering, we will issue a full refund provided that the cancellation occurs a minimum of 21 days before their program. 

If a family must cancel, for any reason, more than 72 hours after registering or within 21 days of the start of their program, no refunds or camp credit will be issued without a purchase of the Tuition Protection Plan or Change Protection Plan.

Tuition Protection Plan and Change Protection Plan: As all cancellations are by their nature unexpected, we recommend all families purchase either the Tuition Protection Plan or the Change Protection Plan upon application. The amount of a refund with the Tuition Protection Plan or the Change Protection Plan is determined by the time of cancellation notification, as outlined below:

  Tuition Protection Plan Change Protection Plan
Cost of plan 10% of tuition 5% of tuition
Cancellation at least 31 days before camp 100% refund 100% camp credit
Cancellation 15-30 days before camp

70% refund or 100% camp credit

85% camp credit

Cancellation 3-14 days before camp

40% refund or 80% camp credit

70% camp credit

Cancellation 1 or 2 days before camp

60% camp credit

40% camp credit

Cancellation after camp has started $0 - see camp credit appeals $0 - see camp credit appeals

Our Tuition Protection Plan and Change Protection Plans provide for a refund or credit (including the normally non-refundable deposit but not premium paid for the plan itself) if camp enrollment is canceled by the client family with written notification prior to the start of the program, according to the schedule above. The amount of refund or credit due is determined on the basis of the amount that was due at the time any change or cancellation is made. The Tuition Protection Plan and Cancellation Protection Plans can only be purchased on initial application. Plans may be added within 72 hours of registration if the camp start date is at least 21 days away.

Extenuating Circumstances: We understand that at times campers may not be able to attend camp due to unforeseen hardships:

  • Severe Unexpected Medical Condition
  • Death in the immediate/nuclear family
  • Severe Unexpected Financial Hardship
Purchase of a protection plan will give families security in the event of these emergencies.

In addition, if a family who has purchased a protection plan must withdraw from a summer program due to one of the reasons listed above, they may follow the camp credit appeals process to be given one level of protection above which they are normally entitled. For example, if a family with change protection cancels 5 days before camp they would normally be entitled to a 70% camp credit. Through the appeals process, they may be issued up to an 85% camp credit. No camper will be given more than a 100% tuition refund. 

Refund Process: All refund requests must be received in writing. Please allow up to 10 business days for your refund to be processed. Refunds are typically issued in the same form of payment as the original payment.  

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