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"I especially liked this class more than others because it felt more personalized”
"What I enjoyed about this week's camp, was the class in general. I don't really know why, but the connection in the room just felt so smooth. I also like how especially now during the pandemic, everyone in the camp was very respectful."
"Yes, I would recommend it. It's a manageable amount of work and time, and it's a great way to stay academically engaged over the summer. I additionally learned a lot of things about creative writing that I had never been taught in school."
"Yes, I would. It's a very short course, but it forces you to write something and write for a very long time and be dedicated to one piece. It also is very helpful on learning what to improve, going back to basics, and getting to meet people who love to write as well. I especially liked this camp better than others because it felt more personalized and all the people in my class were great."
"Yes, I would recommend this camp for students who wanted to take an online course because it is very helpful and helps you improve your writing in a matter of 5 days. It was a really fun experience, and I hope to do it again next Summer."
"I would recommend this camp for students who wanted to take an online course because this one week camp will make you feel a lot more confident and comfortable when you are speaking."
"I learned a lot but it was really fun at the same time. I didn't really feel like it was much different from an in-person class."

A+ Summer High School

"Compared to other academic camps this was the best by FAR! The teachers are very passionate about what they do. Camp was very college-like — I felt like I was a Stanford student. I would recommend the program because it's a real college experience that every kid should have. At first I thought it would just be sleep-away school, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Critical Reading instructor had the ability to get into everything he taught. If I were a principal, I would fight to get him." Evan S., A+ High School participant
"The teachers were excellent and did their job well. The camp was very good, and I learned a lot of stuff including writing, logic, reading, and making videos. You get to go to some amazing places like Santa Cruz, play sports, and make new friends. The writing instructor improved my essay a lot, and I found the five-step paragraph method to be the most helpful part of the writing class." Jimmy H., A+ High School participant
" The best feature of the camp was the teachers. They are very passionate about what they do. Camp was very college-like. I felt like I was a Stanford student. I would recommend the program because it's a real college experience that every kid should have. At first I thought it was just sleep away school, but I was pleasantly surprised. Compared to other academic camps this was the best by FAR! The Critical Reading Instructor had the ability to get into everything he teaches. If I was a principal, I would fight to get him." Evan S., A+ High School participant
"I really enjoyed the variety of classes and the small class sizes. I feel more prepared for math and reading now. I would recommend this camp because it prepares you for being independent in college." Claire L., A+ Summer High School participant
"I'm fifteen years old and went to my first overnight camp this year at Stanford with the A+ Summer High School program. I have to say that it was the most amazing experience of my life! I learned so much in the areas of logic, reading, and writing. My writing has improved greatly through this experience, which several teachers have noticed. The camp was also so enjoyable that it made the campers much more susceptible to learning new things. The instructors were highly qualified college teachers who helped us realize what to expect when it comes to college level courses. The people I met at camp are also some of the best friends I have ever had, and we all plan to go to another camp together next year. I hope everyone has the chance to experience any one of the camps Education Unlimited offers due to their truly life altering capabilities." Hanna F., A+ Summer High School participant
"The curriculum was challenging because they required us to think outside of the box and to have an open mind." Jeff K., A+ Summer High School participant
"I expected to learn how to write an amazing argumentative essay and remember how... that is exactly what I learned. It's an awesome camp and an experience I will NEVER forget." Macara N., A+ Summer High School participant - - Macara is now a Camp Director for Education Unlimited!
"This is probably the most organized camp I have ever been to!" Melanie D., A+ Summer High School participant
"I'm psyched and ready for school, so I can show the world my great writing." Jovel Q., A+ Summer High School participant
"The discussions, they were deep-pomegranate juice and bongo drums deep." Haejin W., A+ Summer High School participant
"I found the staff very professional and approachable. I felt confident that my daughter was in very good hands with skilled professionals." Violetta P., A+ Summer High School participant
"The leaders really connected with the kids. I loved hearing my child talk about them. She had the time of her life and learned a great deal in the process. " Bonnie C.,  - A+ Summer High School parent
"Melanie now seems to enjoy expressing her thoughts by writing! Yippee!!" Gail D., A+ Summer High School parent

A+ Summer Middle School

"The experience was even better than the brochure described. The greatest strengths of the program were the quality of the instructors and the variety of subjects taught. The staff was exceptional — each and every one — bright, enthusiastic, upbeat, and their love of children was obvious." Joanne A., A+ Middle School parent
"The camp director remained calm, positive, caring, energetic, and professional at all times. She put every ounce of her energy into making this a wonderful experience for everyone. She is an inspiration!" A+ Middle School Instructor
"I expected to dread every waking second of this camp, but I ended up never wanting to leave. My favorite activity was finding out who stole Sherlock (the camp goldfish)." Hannah C., A+ Middle School participant
"All the staff members were friendly, kind, fun, and energetic, and I loved the way the instructors taught us. They always had everything ready for us, and I really loved each lesson. It was so fun! I would totally recommend this camp to anyone who wants to have fun and learn!" Karina A., A+ Middle School participant
"We just received the envelope with my daughter's certificate and camp highlights. It was a welcome surprise and very informative. [She] has raved about the camp and now I have a little more insight into why she liked it so much. I especially appreciated reading the Instructor's observations on my daughter. He is absolutely and completely spot on with his comments, which is impressive given the short amount of time he had to work with my daughter. His write-up clearly articulated how she behaves and functions, better than anything we have received from other teachers to date. This email is to commend you on the great program and give Harrison props for being such an awesome instructor." Jack, A+ Middle School parent

A+ Summer Pre-College

"The bonds and relationships that I formed with fellow students are going to be everlasting. I felt like all of the instructors were passionate about what they taught and showed great care and compassion. This whole experience was one of the most beneficial and rewarding things in my life. The research class was very helpful, and the instructor knew how to work with each and every student, pointing out their strengths." Manasi G., A+ College participant
"The counselors were great, intelligent, and charismatic. They made the experience fun. I also enjoyed living in the dorm because it gave me a taste of college life (laundry can be fun!). I would recommend this program to students who realize that writing is an essential part of college success. I think the writing instructor did a great job helping me overcome my writer's block. He bombarded me with ideas that I never would have thought of. He taught me to look at all aspects of a topic and think outside the box." Jeanne M., A+ College participant
"I really appreciated the connection I got to make with the students. It wasn't just teaching — the kids felt just as comfortable asking me for feedback on their essays as with teasing me about how bad I am at volleyball, or telling me about their concerns about college. They seemed sincerely interested in spending time with the staff, so it felt like they were taking something more than just writing skills away with them after camp." A+ Pre-College Instructor
"The best features of camp were experiencing college life, researching, and writing papers. The staff was kind and helpful and they take the work seriously. When I came to camp, I wanted to know what college life was like, and thanks to Education Unlimited, now I know!" Weidi C., A+ Summer Pre College participant

California Actors Workshop

"I liked how this camp helps you become such good friends in a two week period that your fellow campers start to feel like siblings. I also enjoyed learning so much about acting. It inspired me to start to make a resume and get a headshot done. This was much better than other camps I've been to because I learned technique instead of just performing a play. The instructors and my friends from camp gave me a lot of confidence in my acting." Eli W., California Actors Workshop participant
"I was exposed to new methods that gave me a broader range of techniques to pull from. The instructor had great knowledge and experience! The electives like poetry, actors' games, Shakespeare, and hip-hop were very helpful. Going to college in a year, it was nice to have a broader range of techniques." Kathryn A., California Actors Workshop participant
"The best thing about camp was how it broke down the self-consciousness that bars us from living fully and performing up to our potential. This allowed me to get intimately close with a group of amazing people and to find parts of myself I never knew I had. Thank you for this. My acting coach was nearly perfect: she was tough but always kept a sense of humor, which was really important to my experience here. She also brought so much of her personal talent to our class. She is an amazing person and I would trust her with my life." Allison F., California Actors Workshop participant
"We work hard when we act, but we relax and have fun too. It's a great balance where we can make new friends and learn new skills. My expectations were to have a fun and educational time. It was WAY past that! The acting instructor was an amazing teacher who taught all of us so much. He was patient, kind, and so helpful to us all. When we went through troubles, he believed in us, which in turn made us believe in ourselves." Julia B., California Actors Workshop participant
"The overall amount of class was great. By the end of camp, all I wanted to do was go to class and sleep! I also enjoyed the openness and freedom we had. I feel confident in my knowledge about acting from just a few days. I would most definitely recommend this camp." Margot R., High School Actors Workshop participant

College Admission Prep Camp

"My 16-year-old son attended two Education Unlimited camps last summer. He did the CAPC intensive SAT prep camp and then joined up with the group doing the East Coast College Tour — he loved them both! From the moment I expressed interest in EU, I had a tremendously positive response from the camp staff. I had a lot of questions, and every email was promptly addressed with care. Sending my son away for even part of the summer was a little like losing one of my hands or lungs. But they understood that and communicated with me in a professional yet friendly manner throughout the experience. I wasn't really expecting my son to enjoy spending part of his summer studying for the SAT. But on the contrary, he LOVED the experience. He completely enjoyed Tufts campus, the food (and is he picky!), Boston, the director of the camp, other campers, and his roommate. He did not have one negative comment, and he is 16. That says it all, if you think about it.

There was a two day break between the CAPC and the East Coast College Tour. I was really stressed about what he was going to do during those days. But he is fairly independent and resourceful, and I figured he could do his laundry and get about a bit on his own. But no, the camp had the director of the CAPC stay late and the director of the next camp come in early, so our son had somone with him all the time. They did fun things together, like sight-seeing and eating in fun restaurants. My son loved it! Education Unlimited in no way had to do this for our son. I was expecting him to be on his own. It was a generous and kind surprise.

The college tour was also great fun and super informative. If you have done, or attempted to do, these college tours with your son or daughter, then you too will understand why we went with EU. They really take the time to do the tours and interviews the right way (which can be so boring and not fun and...I could go on and on). But through EU, my son had a great time and learned a ton! He had an organized look at universities that he can aspire to get into. Even if he may not be able to get into all of the schools, there is method to this madness. The kids can see which they prefer — huge universities or small, city or rural, private or public. They can begin to determine what they prefer and will be able to make very educated choices about which school they'd like to apply. And my family doesn't have to burn precious vacation time and a ton of money flying and driving from school to school, doing the interviews and tours. If you are still reading this far, then you probably are in my situation with teenagers. Let me address one final point: after doing these two camps, my son is WAY more focused at his studies. The music is turned off, the phone is put away (not kidding), no texting via phone or computer, his grades have gone up! Straight A's so far this year! Because of these camps, he has seen WHY he needs to study harder, and he is.

Yes, the camps are expensive. But, for us, the results have been priceless. Education Unlimited is a premium camp experience. You totally get what you pay for and much more. Both of my sons will be doing EU camps next summer, and I will not spend a minute worrying about them. They will be in great hands. Great job and thanks EU! " Donna R., College Admission Prep Camp parent
"[My daughter's] scores indicate that the program worked very well. The number of days seemed about right and the location was terrific. I was very impressed with the academic background of the staff — wow — a new PhD as the leader. I was very impressed with the credentials of the entire staff." Mike G.,  College Admission Prep Camp parent
"I thought that the curriculum was excellent. The teachers were very well qualified and effective. The materials given will help me after I leave this camp. Both the camp administrators were extremely upbeat and made this a very good experience. I would recommend it to other students. Without this camp, I would not know what my strengths and weaknesses are as a college applicant. Furthermore, this camp showed me great ways to "control" the test. I have become very familiar with the SAT as a result. This camp exceeded my expectations." Molly S., College Admission Prep Camp participant
"My son attended the College Admission Prep Camp. I greatly appreciated the SAT and college preparation summer program, as I liked their approach and the fact that they work with small groups. The program started with a diagnostic SAT, so they would know the level of each student and could, adapt the work to improve specific weakness of each student, and make the most of one-on-one sessions with the instructor. In addition to a preparation book for the SAT, Education Unlimited furnishes a special system of cards for vocabulary and math, which is very well done. I especially liked the program instructor who was dedicated to each student and did a very good job as SAT instructor. Seminars on writing college application essays, part of this program too, were very helpful because the instructor advises each student about the personal essay of college application. I would recommend this program to students who want to prepare the SAT and want to improve their chances of success in the college admissions process." Klara B., College Admission Prep Camp participant
"I attended the Education Unlimited College Admissions Prep Camp when I was in high school and had a really great experience. It was the perfect mix of hard work and fun, and it definitely helped me feel more confident with all aspects of the college application process. All the staff members were extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and I also made some great friends. It's a great way to make the SAT/college process less intimidating and even a bit fun! I would absolutely recommend this camp to any high school student." Dana C., College Admission Prep Camp participant
"I've worked as an educational consultant in Japan for seven years, and I recommend Education Unlimited programs confidently. I had my student attend the College Admission Prep Camp last summer. She was a junior in high school who wanted to prepare herself for the SAT and college applications - there are not many options in the home country. The Education Unlimited program was just excellent, and she could get good resources to consider colleges as well. Now she is a senior and is receiving some great news from the colleges she applied to. Thanks to the program, she was well prepared for the application at the beginning of the year. She could manage the application process by herself very well, and no one had to worry about it. I still remember the terrifying trouble that her flight arrangement was wrong, and she arrived at different airport far from the campus! It's one of the worst things that could happen to an international student  — but the staff was so supportive, and they did everything possible to help her. Her travel plan was fixed, and she could arrive at the campus safely on the same day. Thank you all, for taking great care of my student!" Chiaki T., College Admission Prep Camp participant

College Admission Prep Camp Intensive

"I would recommend this program because it is good to have SAT, college counseling, and essay writing all in one camp. I would also recommend it for the white water rafting and the college tours. I was surprised how much I learned about different colleges having already taken a college counseling class. The camp went beyond my expectations for the writing class because now I know how to write more personal statement essays if needed. The writing instructor really got to know me when I couldn't find things to write about. I feel like I will do much better [on the SAT] now that I know the strategies. My confidence was also boosted because taking five SATs makes them less of a big deal. I was very satisfied with the instructor. I looked forward to the SAT class in the morning because of [the instructor]. She also simplified things, which was good. She broke the SAT into parts and made it seem easier." Jordan S., College Admission Prep Camp Intensive participant
"The program was better than described in the brochure. I wish your website or brochure would be more informative. I really expected much less from this. You are underselling your camp! The best part of the program was the improvement in SAT scores and learning about the application process. My son really liked the staff." Gosia A., College Admission Prep Camp Intensive parent
"The recreational activities were amazing, especially the whitewater rafting trip. The college counseling was also very helpful. I found so many colleges that I think I will be very happy at. The intensity was perfect. It made me feel like I achieved a lot and really motivated me to work hard. I would recommend this camp because it was so helpful. My SAT scores went up and I am confident I will get into a good college of my choice. Before, I didn't know where I wanted to go and how to go about applying. Now I am confident in applying to the colleges I feel are a good match. I will use the personal statements I wrote for my college applications. I feel they are extremely good. Kaplan gave back our test scores with stats and good comments. The SAT instructor was very interesting and kept us engaged." Katharine C., College Admission Prep Camp Intensive participant
"All of my expectations were met at this program. I had energetic teachers who helped me find a college and write a personal statement. I also learned SAT techniques that will help me do well on the SAT. The instructors offered a lot of advice and helped improve my writing. I was able to prepare for college and have fun at the same time!" Marvinne F., College Admission Prep Camp Intensive participant

East Coast College Tour

"The East Coast College Tour turned out better than I thought. The accommodations were better than I expected. I got more information and insight from the colleges than I thought I would. There were more opportunities to interact with other tour participants and to "hang out" than I thought. The tour is a great opportunity to gain very useful and realistic insight on different colleges. It somehow gives a more accurate picture than just reading things in books." Philip B., East Coast College Tour participant
"Meeting other college-bound students and talking to them gave me ideas for community service projects and how to get into college!" Whitney W., East Coast College Tour participant
"I got a very big eye-opening look at selective colleges. I also very much liked the free time; it allowed us to experience the atmosphere in the area. The leaders were amazing, and everything took place seamlessly. [The campus tours] covered a lot of information and gave a good idea of the college. It was much more efficient than touring with family, and was very fun!" Pavan B., East Coast College Tour participant
"I found my dream school on this trip and met a great group of girls from around the country that I will continue to be friends with after the tour." Hannah J., East Coast College Tour participant
"My daughter is now motivated to the best she can in her junior year so that she'll have an opportunity to go to Brown." Kathryn M., East Coast College Tour parent
"I came here to gain a new perspective of the various east coast campuses, and I did. I learned quite a bit and was able to confidently say at the end of the tour that certain colleges were for me and others were not." Richa G., East Coast College Tour participant
"After attending this tour I feel better prepared for the college application process. The program was very well organized and every second was utilized to its full potential." Dennis Z., East Coast College Tour participant
"The East Coast College Tour turned out better than I thought. The accommodations were better than I expected. I got more information and insight from the colleges than I thought I would. There were more opportunities to interact with other tour participants and to "hang out" than I thought. The tour is a great opportunity to gain very useful and realistic insight on different colleges. It somehow gives a more accurate picture than just reading things in books." Philip B., East Coast College Tour participant
"I went on the Education Unlimited East Coast College Tour the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. This trip was definitely one of the most memorable weeks of my life! In one week, we toured about 15 colleges; it was crazy! Most of us flew together as a group, and we used a really nice tour bus to get around from city to city and tour the schools. We started in Boston and toured Harvard, BU, Boston College, Tufts, and then worked our way to New York to see NYU, Columbia, and a few more. We also toured Yale in CT, Brown in RI, as well as schools in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and D.C. Each day, we would get to pick two different schools out of four options to go see. At each school we would do the guided tour, Q&A session, and listen to faculty speak. It was very informative. We would wake up early in the morning and get the two school tours done by mid afternoon. Then, during the late afternoon and evening, we'd get to explore whichever city we were in! It was exhausting but such a fun trip. Exploring the cities was so much fun, I still vividly remember the things we did almost 4 years later now. Our chaperones, Nermin and Janet, were so great. They always made sure we were safe and had the phone numbers we needed. They also made sure we switched roommates at each hotel, so we got to know and make friends with all the kids on our trip. I always felt safe at the hotels we were at, and there was never a time when I felt hungry or uncomfortable. They were also really great at making sure that we had a lot of fun along the way.

Though the trip is definitely focused on the college tours, we managed to pack in all the best parts of each city. We did duck tours, swan boat rides, ate real Boston Cream pie, stopped by the Today show filming, shopped in times square, had NY pizza and cheesecake in New York, saw the liberty bell, Rocky Steps, and had cheesesteaks and ice cream in Philadelphia, and much more. I have so many great memories from that trip!

As far as advice for students planning to take the trip, you definitely need to do your research on each school before embarking on the trip. In each state we had 4 or 5 options of schools to go to, but you choose the 2 that you are actually interested in applying in to tour. Make sure you know exactly which schools you want to see and prepare questions for each one, you'll definitely have the chance to ask them. I hadn't done my research on some of the smaller colleges in Pennsylvania and remember that at one point I had the option between two of them and randomly chose because I didn't know much about either. Don't let that happen to you, research all the schools before the trip! I also recommend going between your junior and senior year of high school, it'll get you super excited for college apps and the atmosphere of each of the campuses will be fresh in your head. Anyone interested in applying to East Coast schools should do this tour, it is FANTASTIC!" Hannah H., East Coast College Tour parent
"I participated in the East Coast College Tour and will always consider it to be one of the best decisions I made in the college application process. I got to spend a week with a great group of students who had similar high-ranking college aspirations as me but came from a plethora of different backgrounds, including one guy from China and another from Russia (who, like many of us, would've had difficulty seeing all these colleges simply armed with the internet and a handful of brochures). Visiting colleges with other students versus visiting colleges with your parents is SO much more effective because parents (including my own) tend to get so involved in the application process that they can take over much of the experience. As a current college tour guide, I cannot name all the times I've seen parents trying to impress the guide with intelligent questions while their kid either looks embarrassed or disinterested. This program was great because I was able to feel like a student, surrounded by other students my age, and consider the kind of student-life I wanted a year from then. That's what gets me excited talking about that summer, but in terms of practicality you really can't get any better than this either. We got to see two colleges per day and scaled the East Coast, so I got to see half the Ivy Leagues and a variety of other colleges in at least 5 different cities in just 1 week, in addition to special tours, historic locations, and really nice food. I don't know about you, but my parents don't have the time or stamina to do 10 back-to-back tours across the coast, nor do they have the connections to get me into all the places Education Unlimited did. A great program, attracting amazing students who I still keep in touch with today, and a FANTASTIC summer investment." Velani D., East Coast College Tour participant
"Education Unlimited's East Coast College Tour was well beyond our expectations. The staff was incredible, the organization flawless, and we are sure the memories and friendships our daughter made will be life-long! If you are considering a tour of colleges for your son or daughter, I suggest you look into Education Unlimited. I expected to be a bit worried and hear from my daughter that she was tired and frazzled (they pack in a LOT of adventure, not just college visits) but every time we checked in, she was having so much fun. She couldn't have sounded more positive and energized. On our way home after picking her up from the airport, she couldn't stop talking about the amazing staff (from the chaperones to the bus driver) and how much she is going to miss them. She also rattled off so much information about every college campus and their programs, I felt the trip more than exceeded her expectations as well. The bonus factor on this tour was that she had the chance to make friends and tour the cities where the colleges are located. I could go on, but truly, if you want a life experience and not just a college tour, look no further than Education Unlimited." Gianna W., East Coast College Tour parent

Emerging Writers Institute: 10th-12th Grades

"My daughter's experience at Emerging Writers was beyond her expectations. She came back with so much enthusiasm for the written word — her self-confidence and understanding of her strengths and weaknesses only serve to make her a better writer. The quality of the staff was superb. Having such wonderfully educated and enthusiastic teachers made this program such a success." Rosalba G., Emerging Writers Institute parent
"The best feature of the camp was an open creative environment that allowed its students to really step beyond any fear and doubts they had when concerning writing. The staff members were wonderful, interesting people to engage with in and outside the classroom. I liked going out into surrounding cities and events (Poetry Slam!). It really exposed us to new and amazing things. The most important thing I learned was that practice makes perfect: don't let your muse tell you when to write, but rather sit down ten minutes everyday and swim." Ana G., Emerging Writers Institute participant
"Watching my students present their work on the last day of camp made me well up with sadness and pride — sadness because I was saying goodbye to students I came to genuinely care about and pride because all of my hard work creating a cohesive and meaningful summer program paid off. Directing the Emerging Writers Institute was a true pleasure, and it reminded me that an academic program can indeed change student lives." Director of the Emerging Writers Institute
"I give this camp a 10/10. I loved having so much time to focus on my writing! My classmates were great, and the staff was super nice. I have participated in other creative writing programs, but I enjoyed Education Unlimited more because there was more freedom in terms of my writing. This camp also helped me to not be as shy about letting others edit my work, and I really enjoyed this camp!" Christina B., Emerging Writers Institute participant
"My 15 year old son attended a creative writing camp based on the UC Berkeley campus last summer. It was a great experience for him, both in terms of developing his skills and interest in writing as well as giving him a taste of college life. Education Unlimited provided a good balance between giving the students a lot of independence while still providing plenty of supervision and support. The teachers were engaged and engaging and the field trips were all well thought out. Highly recommended!" Mary Anne C., Emerging Writers Institute participant
"Our 16-year-old daughter has been attending academic camps each summer since she was 10 years old. For parents with kids who love to write: Education Unlimited's Emerging Writers Institute (which our daughter attended at Yale) was the best of the bunch! Our daughter had a wonderful time, learned more than any of us had imagined possible, and walked away with a polished & publishable piece of writing. The camp director was available day and night, smoothed away every bump in the road (daughter's cell phone needing replacement, early airport departure time, etc.), and was extremely responsive each time we called with a question or concern. I cannot say enough good things about this summer camp! Our daughter has also attended Education Unlimited's Science Camp for Girls (which, contrary to other reviews I've read, included an excellent dissection component). And she reported learning "tons" when she attended Education Unlimited's Speech & Debate camp. The camps are structured to be safe, educational, and fun. Although we were nervous about sending our child off to camp on a plane (from Oregon), the folks at Education Unlimited have each summer managed all of the details flawlessly. They are always there at the airport, providing seamless transfers to and from camp, and somehow managing all aspects of the camp in a way that even my disorganized child is always where she needs to be, when she needs to be there." Lucille S., Emerging Writers Institute participant
"I attended the creative writing summer camp through Education Unlimited at UC Berkeley a few years ago, and it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Every day there were different activities, like going to a live poetry slam and doing a photo scavenger hunt. There were so many options for what you could write, as well. I wrote one of my first memoirs, and I think it has definitely impacted the way I write to this day and what I will do in the future. There was also a found poetry, science fiction course, etc. It gave me a chance to look into genres I never thought I'd be involved with. The instructors utilized the surrounding campus and San Francisco area with the course. They were also great people and friends, supporting the students whenever possible. They did a great job in creating an overarching environment of encouragement and openness. They also gave great feedback for my writing as well, making sure everyone completed a writing piece they would love — not like an essay for a high school deadline. Everyone was happy to be there at every moment, and I loved that. I'll never forget my experience with EU! Thank you so much." Erin K. Emerging Writers Institute participant
"My daughter has been to three Education Unlimited summer camps on college campuses, and they were all fantastic. During middle school, she attended the Science Camp for Girls at Stanford University. She stayed in the Stanford dorms and met girls from all over the U.S. She loved it so much that she went back the following summer! She built a rocket, a robot, and did other science projects, plus went swimming and on field trips to San Francisco, all while being supervised by female adults in science careers.

Last summer, just before her senior year, she went to the Emerging Writers Institute at UC Berkeley for two weeks. It was a life changing experience for her. She always loved to write, but in this setting, surrounded by other young writers, talented and just-published young authors, and amazing instructors, she found her true path. She is on the quiet side but could NOT stop talking on the ride home after camp. She led off with, "Mom, when I met the other kids they asked me what BOOKS I like to read. They were all just like me! They read all the time!" She was able to choose what kind of writing she wanted to do at camp — short stories, plays, poetry, whatever. The workshops were run like a real writers group: they wrote, they shared, they critiqued each other's work. The critiquing was hard for her at first, but on the way home she was pulling out all the critiques of her own work and LOVED reading them. She looked at one and said, "Oh, Luis made such a good suggestion for this one part of my story." Anyway, if your son or daughter is at all interested in writing, I HIGHLY recommend this camp. Because of it, my daughter has decided to major in Creative Writing and Communications in college, and she is enthusiastic about getting started. She and the other campers still stay in touch through a Facebook group. Absolutely the best camp ever." Marilyn D.,  Emerging Writers Institute participant
"We were looking for camps that would be highly engaging to our 13-year-old daughter (so you can imagine what a nightmare that can be) and came across the Emerging Writer's course offered by these folks. We dragged her to the Stanford campus kicking and screaming, but a week later, we were thrilled to watch as she engaged with the new friends she had made, as she read poems and stories she had written, and as she described the complete transformation she had while at the camp.

First, leading up to the camp, the materials provided and the thoughtfulness through the process were excellent. It was well-organized, and I always felt that my questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. At orientation, we were blown away by the professionalism of the counselor and instructor and felt certain there would be a ton of opportunity for her to grow both her writing and socialization skills.

As we left her with the counselors, we felt very safe and secure that she would be given structure (and fun) throughout the week. But the real reward came at the end when we saw the result of real engagements and relationships that were built (which are still active now, months later). While I realize not everyone will experience the same major results, I can say (having spent thousands of dollars on worthless camps) that our entire family would recommend this organization and their camps without hesitation." Cari J.,  Emerging Writers Institute participant

Emerging Writers Institute: 7th-9th Grades

"My 15-year-old son attended the creative writing camp based on the UC Berkeley campus last summer. It was a great experience for him, both in terms of developing his skills and interest in writing and giving him a taste of college life. Education Unlimited provided a good balance between giving the students a lot of independence while still providing plenty of supervision and support. The teachers were engaged and engaging and the field trips were all well thought out. Highly recommended!" MaryAnne C., Emerging Writers Institute participant
"My 11-year-old (entering 7th grade this fall) did the Emerging Writer's Institute at UC Berkeley. At the last minute, during orientation, he decided he wanted to stay in the dorms all week rather than be a day camper, and the program was incredibly helpful, accommodating this change with excitement. He had a fantastic experience, did a slew of writing — poetry, fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting — and enjoyed all of it. One reason he decided to stay was that the evening activities included opportunities for one-on-one support of their writing projects, and he didn't want to miss that. It was also a lot of fun; local excursions helped them bond as a group. His teachers were engaging, supportive, and smart. In the short time he was there, he was known, challenged, and encouraged. The result is not only that he has the tools to do more writing, but also the desire." Daniel E.,  Emerging Writers Institute participant

Mock Trial

"My son very much enjoyed the American Legal Experience at Stanford. It was a good balance of academics and social activities. He is looking forward to more Education Unlimited experiences. I think you have very good instructors and staff. The mock trial case kept the students' interest, and the guest speakers also impressed the students." Margarita P., Mock Trial parent
"The court visit was highly encouraging for prospective lawyers. It was exciting to see judicial system in action after learning about it. The lawyers/speakers were also helpful in that they humanized and familiarized the whole process. It was very intense and pushed me to work hard and learn a lot — great for any students either interested in law or just looking for open options."
Davis J., Mock Trial participant
"Our daughter hasn't stopped talking about American Legal Experience since she got back. She is making plans to return next year. Thank you for making her experience a special one." Veda N., Mock Trial parent
"The instructors were very good and the material was new and interesting. The Mock Trial was the best! This camp was great even though I had no prior experience. If students are interested in law or just public speaking, they will find this camp to be a great experience. Educational, engaging, and fun!" Jeremy C., Mock Trial participant
"This program was life changing. I got to meet people from all over the world and work with them in mock trial. This experience has strengthened my passion for law and game me more knowledge on the subject. And a huge thank you to Education Unlimited for making my experience much better than I expected." Daniel D., Mock Trial participant
"This summer I attended the Education Unlimited American Legal Experience. This program was amazing, something I would have not done with the help of my mentor Ms. Pitters and those who helped raised the money. The program was very diverse, people from around the world attended. This experience encouraged me even more of pursuing my dream of becoming a lawyer one day. The instructors, two great lawyers, were able to share their passion with us by teaching us the most important rules in trials. We got to practice those skills in our very own mock trial." Karina S., Mock Trial participant

Prep Camp Excel (TM)

"The camp administration was absolutely amazing. I would recommend this camp because I learned lots of different things. I prepared for the PSAT, writing, and study skills. I feel very proud of myself because I wrote a very well constructed persuasive essay that is much more detailed, well structured and has less grammatical mistakes than [essays I have written at school]. I have improved my PSAT math score like crazy and I feel very happy I have such a gifted teacher. I learned more vocab and grammar with [the PSAT verbal instructor]. The study skills instructor was such a good teacher and I learned a lot of skills from her such as planning a good schedule." Timothy L., Prep Camp Excel participant
"The administrators were energetic, outgoing leaders - AWESOME! I would recommend this program. It was not your average "nerd" camp. It was fun and no one was a nerd. The writing instructor reviewed our papers and gave us feedback as if we were adults, which really helped to develop our strengths. The classes were small enough to get just the right amount of attention." Jennifer C., Prep Camp Excel participant
"[Our son] wrote an essay while he was there that he is proud of. He loved the camp and wants to attend SAT prep next year. He had a fun time and dramatically improved his test-taking ability. The staff was terrific and the supervision policies were just right."
Ben J., parent of a Prep Camp Excel participant
"The administrators were positive 24/7, and they were compassionate and cared for campers. I had a lot of fun and learned about the PSAT at the same time. I feel much more confident going into the PSAT." Gregory V., Prep Camp Excel participant

Public Speaking Prep Camp: High School

"The administration was phenomenal. I would absolutely recommend this camp to others! Everyone was so kind and I learned so much! [The debate instructor] was incredibly helpful, he always answered my questions and helped me with confidence as I debated. [The delivery instructor] pushed me very hard and due to this I can speak in front of others now! She pushed me out of my comfort zone and now I am not afraid. The electives were effective because of the hands-on learning - actually doing the negotiations. I am 100% satisfied." Elizabeth B., Public Speaking Institute participant
"The EU home office Camp Coordinator was responsive and friendly the entire time. She provided prompt and excellent service. Our son loved the debate portion. The greatest strength of the program is clearly the quality of the instruction. The instructors were enthusiastic and showed great attention to each campers level of expertise so they could take away valuable lessons at the end of the week. We were impressed with the staff's education backgrounds, but more importantly, we were pleased to hear how they made public speaking fun, interesting, and enjoyable. The supervision and safety policies were just right." Gloria M., parent of a Public Speaking Institute participant
"I would definitely recommend this camp to other students. It was a fun and chill way to spend a week. I didn't think it was going to be fun, but it was a blast for me. The delivery instructor's attention to my personal needs was amazing. I am now not afraid to speak because I can walk, pause and think comfortably." David P., Public Speaking Institute participant
"I liked meeting new people and making new friends, having a good time learning to speak in public. I had an awesome time due to the instructors. The debate instructor has a good way of making you feel comfortable while speaking. She is nice and has fun activities to help you learn. The most helpful part of the debate instruction was learning to keep talking no matter what happens. The electives kept us exercising our mind. I wouldn't change anything." Jeremy W., Public Speaking Institute participant
"Unlike many summer camps, your staff clearly demonstrates they are subject matter experts, not just bodies filling an open position." Nandini R., parent of a Public Speaking Institute participant
"My debate instructor, Jeff, was GREAT. The best debate instructor ever. He was supportive, friendly, caring, understanding and nice. I don't think there will ever be another debate instructor as good as him. I found the mini-debates to be the most helpful part of the class." Grace L., Public Speaking participant,
"Everything was excellent. I liked the small size of the program, and the organization was awesome. Public speaking used to be so frightening but this camp made me much more comfortable. A+!" Allison T., Public Speaking Institute participant
"I have learned more in one week with Education Unlimited about public speaking than in my whole school year. I am a much more confident speaker than I was at the beginning of camp because I now know good ways to write speeches. I recommend this camp because you learn a lot and make new friends." Niklas K., Public Speaking Institute participant
"I just wanted to send you a thank you note for the wonderful middle school program "Tools of Modern Communication-Public Speaking" you hosted at Berkeley. My son attended with great reservation and at my request as I know how important public speaking is as children and young adults enter high school, college and the workforce. We were delighted with the reports our son sent us each day on his experience with debate and how to structure, organize and present his ideas clearly and enthusiastically. Our son said his teacher Sam was very encouraging, instructive and helpful to him. I was very pleased to see all the middle school speeches and learn more about each subject based on the interesting topics the students chose; and I was especially impressed to see the poise and confidence in each student. Our son said he had a very good experience during the week and was able to learn skills and practice techniques that enabled him to speak well before a large group. THANK YOU for providing this wonderful and truly valuable training and experience. I especially want to thank Leah Clark who was so attentive and responsive to me as we had to organize a few meetings to get our son to a baseball tournament during the week. In short, your program and instructors were tremendous, inspiring and educational and your organization skills, responsiveness and attention to detail are greatly appreciated. I will highly recommend Education Unlimited and the Public Speaking class to other parents." Mary S., Public Speaking Institute participant
"I had a great experience as a camper at an Education Unlimited high school speech camp. The staff created an atmosphere in which my new friends and I wanted to continue working on our research and preparing our arguments and speeches long after class was over. My primary instructor was a skilled teacher who pushed us to challenge ourselves and step out of our comfort zones. Because she was caring, young, enthusiastic, and obviously a talented speaker, we all admired her and wanted to do our best. I was amazed to watch the other staff in a demonstration debate at the beginning of the program. At the time, I could not imagine myself ever being able to come up with such smart arguments and to think so quickly on my feet. However, by the end of the program, the instructors had helped me learn many of the strategies they had used in that public debate and develop the confidence to defend my own arguments in front of a crowd. Furthermore, by providing the opportunity to spend time on the UC Berkeley campus with like-minded campers from across the country, the program got me excited about college, helped motivate me to do my best in the admissions process, and contributed to my decision to continue with speech and debate after high school. I have stayed in touch with several of the friends I met at camp and continue to use the public speaking and argumentation skills I learned in my everyday life. I have gotten better at class participation, formal presentations, paper writing, and more. I would highly recommend EU speech camps to anyone looking for a summer program that is both worthwhile and fun! Thanks EU!" Beth S., Public Speaking Institute participant
"I attended three Education Unlimited speech camps when I was in high school, and the camps were amazing across the board. The teachers were some of the best I ever had and really went above and beyond the call. For example, on several occasions I had teachers who took time out of their free hours to redo speeches with me multiple times, so I could get extra practice and get everything as close to perfectly right as possible. The camp staff was also just genuinely very friendly and dedicated to making sure each student had the best experience possible. I remember that one session, I had a commuter classmate who didn't have reliable transportation home, so the camp staff arranged a carpool to make sure she got home safely. More than ten years later, I still look back at the Education Unlimited camps as a really outstanding formative experience from my youth. I now work in litigation and frequently use the public speaking and critical thinking skills and techniques I learned at camp. I also made some great friends at camp, some of whom I am still close with to this day. My younger sister also attended their College Admission Prep Camp many years later and had a wonderful experience." Neil C., Public Speaking Institute participant
"I spent two summers at Stanford University with Education Unlimited. I was at their debate camps, and I always left prepared and energized for the upcoming school year. The instruction was intensive and in depth, and the instructors were all well connected at universities I was interested in attending. There is no doubt that my college prospects were enhanced by my attendance at camp." Phil H., Public Speaking Institute participant
"My 11-year-old daughter and my 9-year-old son attended the debate and public speaking classes at UC Berkeley this summer, and they loved it! I am so happy that I flew from India, so they could have this opportunity. The Education Unlimited staff were excellent as teachers and organizers. As foreign students, my kids were made to feel at home at all times. As a parent, I was always comforted; I once even had the unpleasant experience of getting stuck in airport traffic and being late by more than 75 minutes, but the camp staff took excellent care of the children, and I was at peace. My children are using the things they learned daily, and they remember every part of the learning fondly. It was not just a class which, once over, they forgot what they learned. Thanks, Education Unlimited, and good luck!" Amit K., Public Speaking Institute participant
"I had the best time of my life!!!! Being able to learn about debates and present a speech and have fun at the same time was very enjoyable. While preparing for the debate it made me visualize what it would feel like to actually be doing this as an attorney. Preparing for the speech was really hard. Although I knew what I was going to say, the challenge came when I found out that I had to do it without looking at notes. After hearing that information I got very scared but then I realized that I just have to learn the topic I selected and just talk to the audience like I'm having a normal conversation. This taught me a lot because this also got me out of my comfort zone because I am not used to giving speeches without the speech in front of me. I would recommend this program to anyone because it was my best experience yet!" Tori F., Public Speaking Institute participant
"It was an amazing experience. I loved the classes. The public speaking and debate skills I learned will be remembered. The professor and students were so interesting and amazing. Thank you to everyone who believed in me and made this opportunity possible. " Jacquelin G., Public Speaking Institute participant

Video Production Camp

"I love staying in the dorms and having that sort of college experience for two weeks. Having so much hands-on learning in video production was great too and the experience helped me learn much quicker than a lesson. I liked that we started filming right away. I also liked the trip to the beach and movies. This camp was much more professional and advanced than the other video production ones I've attended. The facilities were all fantastic. The computers and cameras we used were awesome and make a difference between our videos and homemade ones. The instructor has a great way of quickly explaining things so that you get it right away and has a lot of knowledge of how films are made in Hollywood. He's always at your service to help and has the ability to be everywhere at once. The overall effect that was created from the auditions to lights to "hurry up and wait" to shooting schedules to late(ish) night editing was all very real to me and I felt like it was a real production rather than just a camp." Lila S., Video Production Camp participant
"It was an awesome experience working with the video instructors, making movies and trying to meet a deadline. I wanted to learn how to use camera angles effectively, write a script, and learn how to edit and I was able to learn everything. Being professional filmmakers, the instructors knew everything. I wouldn't change anything - maybe make it longer." Oscar M., Video Production Camp participant
"I didn't realize that the counselors would know so much. I was worried that I wouldn't meet new people and make friends, but it all turned out great. The most helpful part of the class was getting to actually film and direct a scene. I'd never really done that before. Also learning how to use the editing software system was helpful. The Boardwalk field trip was a really good trip." Molly H., Video Production Camp participant
"At school, the teachers usually teach to the top of the class, so I was left not knowing what to do. This camp was different - it was personalized to my needs. The equipment was easy to use and very efficient. I wouldn't change a thing." Sean C., Video Production Camp participant
"I have been mentoring a girl from a low income family since she was in 8th grade. She has a great deal of academic promise, and we have been focusing on college preparedness. The video production workshop she joined at UC Berkeley through Education Unlimited gave her an opportunity to experience what it will be like to live in a dorm and attend challenging classes. She benefited greatly from the caring staff and the opportunity to work with a diverse group of fellow students." Jeanette B., Video Production Camp participant