The two most important components of effective leadership are public speaking ability and critical thinking skills. Education Unlimited® offers two groups of programs specifically focused on these essential themes: our A+ Summer critical thinking camps and our Public Speaking Camps.

We recommend the following programs for students seeking to improve their leadership skills and portfolio as primary goals of attending camp:

Parents often call our home office to ask whether we offer leadership programs. While we do offer our A+ Summer Leadership course with the word "leadership" in the actual program name, many of Education Unlimited®'s other summer camps and programs develop leadership skills with substantial depth. 

Enthusiasm for leadership is a universal goal of leadership programs but frankly is a fairly low bar of accomplishment. Education Unlimited®'s leadership programs go far beyond promoting a general sense of enthusiasm for the idea of being a leader, and instead help students develop a sense of confidence and of perspective such that leadership is seen not as the exclusive goal in and of itself, but rather as a means to greater accomplishment in one's life, a tool for personal empowerment, and as a springboard to provide meaningful service to one's community. 

We developed our summer leadership training programs around the premise that students should strive to be effective leaders who demonstrate excellence by their approach and by their accomplishment, the kind of leaders that by virtue of their superior service will prompt a teacher to write them an uncommonly powerful letter of recommendation for college, or will justify having a teacher or even their peers consider nominating and advocating for that student for truly special awards and selective honors. 

Our A+ Summer critical thinking camps and Public Speaking Camp leadership-focused offerings have been constructed with the view that the most significant way to encourage students into earning and taking real future leadership roles is to develop not just the enthusiasm, but more importantly the skills and capabilities that will enable students to speak up in class, to solve problems creatively, and to communicate with confidence. Ultimately, the point of Education Unlimited®'s leadership training is not only to help participants more readily gain leadership positions, but also when leadership is attained program graduates can look forward to actually being more successful as leaders. Please contact us if you would like guidance about the most appropriate leadership-focused programs for you and your family!