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Public Speaking Institute - 4th-8th

Education Unlimited - Public Speaking Institute - 4th-8th

Middle and Elementary School Public Speaking will cover two main areas of public speaking:


Learn the art of verbal combat! Students will construct persuasive positions, defend against and attack each other’s arguments, and cross-examine effectively. Students will debate a variety of age- and experience-appropriate topics, form teams, and pit themselves against their co-campers. Past debate topics have included: school uniforms (elementary school), pre-emptive strike policy (middle school), and national security policy (high school).

Persuasive Speaking

Students craft and deliver convincing speeches. They start by performing a number of pre-written speeches in order to learn delivery, timing, and intonation. When students display comfort with delivery, they will begin to construct speeches based on their interests. Students learn to choose topics, establish captivating introductions, organize speech content, and deliver compelling conclusions! The focus is on speaking in a natural voice, with few or no notes, rather than writing an essay and merely reading it out loud, the form of “public speaking” taught by most teachers. All students end the week by presenting a speech in front of a large group of fellow campers.

Elementary Education at Stanford University

This is a special session of our Public Speaking Institute intended to meet the needs of younger students entering the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. Elementary Education students will study the same basic skills as standard PSI students in a setting designed to encourage younger students’ enthusiasm for the activities. Our supportive and experienced staff lead fun educational activities and provide supervision that is appropriate for these younger students. Public Speaking students are given tips and plenty of practice to become comfortable speaking in front of their peers. Past topics include: “Should schools mandate uniforms?” and "Should junk food be allowed in school vending machines?" Classroom hours, recreational activities, and supervision are adjusted specifically for elementary school students. During this session, special commuter and extended care options are available, though students may also choose to stay in the campus dorms. Contact Education Unlimited for pricing details.

Public Speaking Institute - 4th-8th - Staff Profiles

Education Unlimited believes in small-group, immersive learning with subject matter experts and experienced teachers. We strive to provide industry-leading instruction to all of our students and hold all staff to the highest possible standards. Staff assignments vary by program and location. Some of our recent staff members for this program include:

Education Unlimited - Brianna Broady, MA (Camp Director and Instructor)

Brianna Broady, MA — Camp Director and Instructor

Brianna Broady is a lecturer with a Master of Arts in Communication Studies from California State University, Northridge in Southern California.  Brianna teaches classes at several Southern California colleges in Communication Studies in her primary areas of interest: performance studies and intercultural communication studies.  A seasoned...

Education Unlimited - Tiffany Chen (Instructor)

Tiffany Chen — Instructor

Tiffany Chen is a teacher and tutor currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Northridge.  Skilled in the fundamentals of public speaking, Tiffany has developed coursework and lectured at the undergraduate level in the communications department of CSU Northridge since 2015.  Prior to...

Education Unlimited - Amanda DeDiego, PhD (Instructor )

Amanda DeDiego, PhD — Instructor

Dr. Amanda DeDiego is an Assistant Professor at the University of...

Education Unlimited - Hershini Gopal (Middle School Instructor)

Hershini Gopal — Middle School Instructor

Hershini is an experienced paralegal and mock trial competitor bound for UCLA School of Law in the fall of 2018.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of Maryland. During her undergraduate years, Hershini worked for the United Nations Environmental Programme in Washington D.C. where...

Education Unlimited - Jessica Kwack, MA (Instructor)

Jessica Kwack, MA — Instructor

Jessica Kwack is a teacher at California State University, Northridge, where she also received both her Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Communication Studies.  Since 2014, Jessica has taught...

Education Unlimited - Robert Lebeda, MA (Instructor)

Robert Lebeda, MA — Instructor

Bobby Lebeda is a teaching associate currently teaching public speaking at California State University Northridge.  He received his Master’s Degree in Communication Studies from CSU Northridge in 2017. In addition to teaching, Bobby is also a speech and debate coach for CSU and he has been coaching at the high school level for the past six...

Education Unlimited - Marina Shew (Middle School Instructor)

Marina Shew — Middle School Instructor

Marina Shew is a law student at Columbia Law School in New York City.  She has dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Philosophy and Political Science from Clemson University in South Carolina.  In both high school and college, Marina was the president of her respective debate teams, taking on leadership, teaching, and mentoring roles for younger students....

We will continue to add additional staff members as enrollment and availability dictate. Details are posted on additional staff members as they are confirmed.

Upcoming Sessions
* Tentative and Subject to Change

Session Grade Location Price Range  
Jun 16th 2019 - Jun 21st 2019 6th - 8th UC Berkeley $1,685.00 – $2,325.00
Jun 23rd 2019 - Jun 28th 2019 6th - 8th Stanford University $1,735.00 – $2,375.00
Jun 30th 2019 - Jul 5th 2019 4th - 6th Stanford University $1,735.00 – $2,375.00
Jun 30th 2019 - Jul 5th 2019 7th - 8th Stanford University $1,735.00 – $2,375.00
Jul 14th 2019 - Jul 19th 2019 6th - 8th UCLA $1,685.00 – $2,325.00
Jul 21st 2019 - Jul 26th 2019 6th - 8th Georgetown University $1,685.00 – $2,325.00
Jul 21st 2019 - Jul 26th 2019 6th - 8th Stanford University $1,735.00 – $2,375.00
Jul 21st 2019 - Jul 26th 2019 4th - 6th UC Berkeley $1,685.00 – $2,325.00
Jul 28th 2019 - Aug 2nd 2019 6th - 8th Stanford University $1,735.00 – $2,375.00
Jul 29th 2019 - Aug 2nd 2019 7th - 8th MIT DAY: $1,095.00
Jul 29th 2019 - Aug 2nd 2019 4th - 8th MIT DAY: $1,095.00
Aug 4th 2019 - Aug 9th 2019 7th - 8th UCLA $1,685.00 – $2,325.00
Aug 4th 2019 - Aug 9th 2019 4th - 6th UCLA $1,685.00 – $2,325.00
Aug 11th 2019 - Aug 16th 2019 7th - 8th Stanford University $1,735.00 – $2,375.00
Aug 11th 2019 - Aug 16th 2019 4th - 6th Stanford University $1,735.00 – $2,375.00