COVID/Medical supplies

  • 2-4 Rapid COVID tests

  • 3 or more N95/KN95 Masks

  • Any necessary medications in their original containers in one gallon size bag labeled with students name and dosage information.

  • Copy of pharmacy and insurance cards


  • Casual school appropriate clothing for classes and activities.

  •  Light jacket or sweater

  •  Pajamas and personal garments

  •  Comfortable walking shoes

  • One slightly dressier outfit for final presentations - Slacks/collared shirt/tie/dress/blouse; suit jackets not recommended due to heat.

  •  Clothes hangers (optional)

School Supplies

  • Laptop or Chromebook type word processing device (Middle School and High School Camps only)

  • General supplies (paper/notebook, pens, pencils, highlighters, etc.)

  • Backpack or book bag

  • CAPC students only: Copy of transcripts and any materials they wish to share with the college counselors.

  • CAPC only: Scientific/graphing calculator

Bath Supplies

  • Bathrobe, slippers or shower shoes

  • Toiletry items in caddy/bag: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, hairdryer etc.

Laundry supplies (for longer programs)

  • Detergent - coin and cc operated laundry machines available in all dorms


  • Refillable Water bottle

  • Cell phone (optional)

  • Spending money (for souvenirs and misc. personal items)

  • Fan (if convenient and desired)

  • Books for pleasure reading

  • Sun protection: Sunscreen, long sleeves, hat, sunglasses, etc.


Hint: We have found that twin sheets very tightly fit and full/queen sheets fit loosely and can be tucked.

- UCLA, UC Berkeley and Georgetown

Bedding, a pillow and a basic towel are provided

- Stanford University*

Students should pack sheets for twin xlong bed, pillow, pillowcase, towel, light blanket

* Stanford also has the option for students to rent a linen pack for $65 for 1 week and $100 for 8+ days

What NOT to Bring

  • Weapons of any kind (including pocket knives and martial arts devices);

  • Any flame-producing device (including matches, lighters, and firecrackers);

  • High energy drinks, such as Red Bull, Monster, and Amp;

  • Pets of any kind;

  • Televisions or video games;

  • Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, skates, or shoes with wheels;

  • Water guns;

  • Halogen lamps, refrigerators, or cooking devices;