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                                                  California College Tour                                 East Coast College Tour

                                                                        Custom Family or School Group College Tours

For many students, the process of figuring out which school best fits their needs is an overwhelming and confusing task. Just as you would never purchase a home without visiting in person, students shouldn't decide on their next four-year home without first stepping on campus and seeing if it is indeed the right fit. 

Education Unlimited's college tours transform the process of finding the "right fit" school into an enriching and fun summer adventure. Our student tours allow students to hear detailed admissions presentations, tour the campuses they plan to make their four-year homes and sample the local culture along the way! Our tours are unique in the quality of our housing, food, and travel arrangements. Housing is in business class hotels and transportation is by comfortable motor coach or passenger van. Meals are high quality and can be customized to meet student dietary needs.  Students often report that our trip is far better in the quality of the travel arrangements than any other student tour they have ever taken. 

For families wishing to travel together, Education Unlimited takes all of the stress out of the planning process. Our experienced Admissions Director works personally with families to design their customized itinerary and makes all of their arrangements leaving them free to enjoy this important moment with their teens.