Education Unlimited offers two exciting college tours for rising 10th through 12th graders. Students can choose between the California College Tour, which visits the top schools throughout California or the East Coast College Tour, which visits top universities from Boston to Washington DC!

For many students, the process of figuring out which school best fits their needs is an overwhelming and confusing task. The tours transform this experience into an enriching and fun summer adventure. Both tours allow students to hear detailed admissions presentations, tour the campuses they plan to make their four-year homes, and sample the local culture along the way! Our tour is unique in the quality of our housing, food, and travel arrangements. Most nights we stay at high-quality business and/or luxury hotels, though we sometimes spend the night at a college when a unique opportunity is available. Meals and our tour bus are also always of high quality, and students have often reported that our trip is far better in the quality of the travel arrangements than any other student tour they have ever taken.          

                                                  California College Tour                                 East Coast College Tour