For Summer 2024, Education Unlimited will offer both online and on-campus programs.  

Online Programs
Online programs are taught live, in small-group with our instructors using a combination of Google Classroom and Zoom.  Classes are interactive and engaging.  For the past two years, more than 98% of online camp participants have said that they would recommend their program to a friend!  Any physical materials needed for a course will be mailed to the student's home.  

Three Time Zone start times are offered:
  • Eastern Time Zone
  • Pacific Time Zone
  • Japan Time Zone
  • Custom programming for groups of 4-8 students is also available.  Contact us via the chat window on the bottom right for more information or phone us at 510-548-6612.

On-campus program locations - Day Camp and Residential Camp Options available
Camp tuition is all-inclusive.  Residential camps include overnight accommodations in the residence halls, meals, and supervision.  Our teachers live in the residence halls with the students.  For students in elementary and middle school, we provide line-of-sight supervision - meaning a teacher will walk them anywhere on campus they need to go.  
California University Locations