Skill Development

Advanced Writing

  • At A+ Summer High School, we recognize the importance of guiding and supporting students through the writing process. Our highly qualified instructors provide personalized assistance throughout a comprehensive draft and revision process, helping students refine their writing skills. Our writing classes are designed to focus on advanced writing techniques required in high school and beyond, such as revising for content, crafting effective syntax and style, and skillfully supporting claims using facts and text evidence from credible sources. Through our program, students gain the tools and confidence necessary to excel in academic writing and beyond.

Critical Reading

  • Critical reading skills are crucial for academic success in high school, college, and beyond. At A+ Summer High School, our Critical Reading classes take a unique approach to help students move beyond surface-level comprehension and literal interpretation of texts. Through a college-level Socratic seminar format, students will explore and analyze multiple texts related to a literary theme, engaging in thought-provoking discussions that challenge their thinking and inspire critical analysis. Our program encourages students to form their claims on the author's intent and use evidence from the text to support their claims. In each class, students will participate in multiple college-level "hands down" discussions, encouraging them to push each other's thinking and culminating in a full Socratic Seminar. Our program aims to develop students' critical thinking and analytical skills, preparing them for future academic and career success. 

Media Studies

  • At A+ Summer, our Media Studies classes enable students to apply the skills they acquired in their Critical Reading classes to analyze various forms of media, including art, advertisements, music, and more. Through our program, students will develop a critical lens to uncover points of view in media. Our instructors guide students in analyzing the underlying messages and cultural influences present in various forms of media, helping them to become informed and discerning consumers. By honing their analytical skills, students are more prepared to critically analyze research materials. 


At the end of A+ Summer, your student will leave challenged and inspired by a week of critical thinking with like-minded peers. Students will have challenged themselves to analyze themes in media, critically read a variety of thematic texts in a college-like seminar, and have written a well-argued and supported advanced high school essay.