A+ Summer Middle School provides rising 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students with a unique and stimulating learning experience that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. This program, which is the first in a three-part series that includes A+ High School and A+ PreCollege, is designed to offer academically motivated students a strong foundation upon which to build their academic careers.

Themed lessons will explore their potential as inventors, detectives, and strategists, while interdisciplinary classes strengthen their talents in reading, writing, critical thinking, and science.  

Each summer, a fun theme is woven through the curriculum to engage students and keep learning hands-on and fun.  This year's theme is Mystery Summer.  Students will learn to read as writers as they delve into Agatha Christie's classic mystery story The Mouse Trap, before putting their skills to the test as they complete a forensics science unit and write their own mystery story. Through the process, they will learn that just as detectives must find and use evidence to support their theory of the case, writers must also use evidence to support their thesis.

Join us at A+ Summer Middle School and discover your full potential in a dynamic, hands-on learning environment that inspires and engages young minds!

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