Whether online or in person, Education Unlimited proudly offers top tier curriculum in our A+ Summer Pre-College Course!

In A+ Summer Pre-College, students focus on three core academic experiences:

College Reading & Research

Students at A+ Summer will begin by learning the elements of a college-level research paper and how to use those sections to boost their own comprehension of dense and often difficult to understand writing.   They will learn how to use scholarly databases to find relevant texts and ensure that their sources are reliable and trustworthy.   Our instructors will support students in focusing their research question, analyzing texts and data, and back up their arguments with evidence. Students will have access to  University libraries to conduct their research, and will craft a bibliography and literature review akin to what they will be expected to produce in college.  Furthermore, students will be introduced to “theory,” a subject incorporated into virtually every college-level humanities and social science curriculum but almost never taught in secondary schools. Students will learn how to read and understand a theory and ultimately incorporate that theory into their writing to frame and enhance an argument.

College-Level Writing

Perhaps the most important skill for college-bound students is the ability to write scholarly papers that utilize and analyze research to construct an original argument. The foundation of the A+ Summer program is the College Level Writing Workshop. Our experienced instructors introduce students to college caliber writing and support them through the process of conceiving and developing an academic paper. Instructors will challenge students to move beyond recounting facts and will instruct students in the art of analysis and argument construction. Each student will write several drafts of an original research paper, as well as complete a number of shorter writing assignments. Our first-rate instructional staff and low staff-to-student ratio will allow for individualized guidance and feedback throughout the week.

Presentation Skills

While the emphasis on strong presentation skills continues to increase in high school, many students have not received specific instruction for this challenge. The A+ Pre-College presentation skills class provides students with practical skills and experience delivering effective oral presentations. Our dynamic instructors provide students with techniques to stay on topic, speak coherently and logically, and answer questions expertly as they present their research topic to a larger group of family and friends. Our low staff-to-student ratio allows for instructors to work individually with students to provide specific feedback.


Students participate in daily fun activities, including sports, games, arts, and movies. Excursions to local amusement venues, such as the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk at the Stanford Camp, balance learning with entertainment. The most recurrent comment at the end of each summer is, “I never knew I would have so much fun and learn so much!”


At the end of the program, students will have authored a well-reasoned paper that expertly uses research to support their original argument.  From this research, they will have created a convincing academic presentation and defend their work before friends and faculty.  Students will leave camp with academic experiences similar to those they will find in their future college classes.

Students will prepare a final presentation of their research report to be delivered at the end of the program.