CAPC Abridged provides our time-tested SAT prep, personal statement writing, and college counseling curriculum, similar to our residential College Admission Prep Camp but for students who would prefer to participate in only part of the camp curriculum.

    For Summer 2024, a two-week (1/2 day) online version of this course is available
     To register for the online course, please follow the directions below:
      * Click "Apply Now" on the top right of this screen
      * Follow the prompts to enter parent and student information on screens 1 and 2
      * On screen 3, select the following options:

           CAMP CATEGORY: College Admissions Programs
           CAMP NAME: College Admissions Prep Camp (TM)
           CAMP SESSION: Select the dates you prefer
           PRICE OPTION: Select one of the two options below:
            Full Curriculum (SAT, Personal Statement, College Counseling)
            SAT Curriculum Only - Online 

    You will then be able to add the camp to your cart and complete the registration process. If you have questions, or need help, please do not hesitate to ask. The chat window feature on the bottom right is a convenient way to get quick answers, you may also call us at 510-548-6612.