Python: Let's code!

Python campers will learn about algorithms, loops, debugging, conditionals, and events in activities and in programming using Python, the high-level programming language. Engaging activities both online and off will prepare students to dive into other programming languages moving forward. Campers will spend their time learning about programming concepts and then applying them using Python. They will use their creativity to create unique projects while exploring the process of coding.


C++ provides a strong foundation in programming and a deeper understanding of computer systems, making it a valuable language for building high-performance applications, systems programming, and game development.  It is often the foundational course taught to Computer Science majors upon beginning their degree programs. This course will cover the core fundamentals of the language, including data types, control structures, functions, and object-oriented programming principles. Through hands-on exercises, students will gain practical experience in C++ programming and learn how to write basic software applications using the language.

Java Programming 1

The campers will learn how to program in Java. They will learn about Object-Oriented Programming, defining classes, variables, and methods, basic I/O, and polymorphism. They will also learn how to use Git, the revision control system, and store and access their projects on Github. Basic commands and the Eclipse IDE will also be covered. By the end, campers will have a working knowledge of Java and be able to create simple Java programs. High school Java 1 students will enjoy learning a few basics in other programming languages, including Java, C, C++, and Scheme.

Java Programming 2

Java 2 assumes campers have some familiarity with Java prior to this course. Ability to create and test simple Java classes is a good foundation. Java 2 campers will learn about Data Structures and Algorithms. They will learn about stacks, heaps, queues, and trees, and implement them in Java. Many different sorting algorithms and their implementations will be covered. Campers will use Git to store and revise their projects, and the Eclipse IDE to develop. A survey of other programming languages, including Java, C, C++, and Scheme, will give campers a feel for the types of projects they can explore going forward. 
*Note: Java Programming 2 requires working knowledge of the content in Java Programming 1 or successful completion of the Java Programming 1 camp.