A transparent and simple pricing model makes booking custom family college tours a breeze: 

* Planning: Initial consultation with the Director of Admissions - Free

* College Visits: College visits generally included guided college tours and admissions office meetings.  Families can generally comfortably visit two universities per day.

           * Pricing: $150/day for up to 3 participants - Additional $25/participant for 4-6 participants.  For example, a five-day tour, visiting 10 universities for 3 participants would cost $750.  

* Travel Logistics: Education Unlimited is experienced at finding great rates on hotels, airfare, and car rental.  Families can make these arrangements on their own for no fee, or we can make these arrangements for them within their desired preferences and budget for a 10% fee.   For example, if the hotel fee is $200, EU would charge a $20 fee to make the reservation. 

* Travel support: 

   * 24/7 logistical support during travel is included at no additional charge. 

    * Families may also choose to have an Education Unlimited employee travel with them at an additional charge.  Most families do not find this necessary given the detailed itineraries that are created for them. 

Sample Pricing for a family tour for 3 people visiting 10 universities over 5 days: 
  • Booking College Tours: $750
  • Hotels: Approximately:  $1100
  • Car Rental: Approximately: $500 
  • Gas: Approximately $150
Total cost: $2500

** Costs do not include airfare to and from the start of the tour/end of the tour or meals