The Emerging Screenwriters Instituteā„¢ offers a fantastic opportunity for young aspiring screenwriters to hone their craft in a creative writing camp designed specifically for them. If you've ever felt you could write a better story than what you saw on the big screen, this program is perfect for you!

Led by a professional female screenwriter, the program provides immersive MFA-style workshops that delve into feature screenwriting fundamentals such as character, plot, structure, and theme. Students will embark on a rigorous writing journey, outlining, developing, and starting to write the first act of their screenplay while discovering their own authentic literary voice.

In addition to writing workshops, students will learn to read and watch films as screenwriters, studying the techniques of industry greats. They will also participate in daily one-on-one instructor evaluations, group editing sessions, and creative presentations of their work. Students will also learn tips and advice on entering contests and getting their scripts seen, and the program will culminate with students simulating how they might pitch their work to an industry executive.  

The Emerging Screenwriters Instituteā„¢ offers an unparalleled opportunity for young writers to develop their craft, build lasting literary friendships, and gain insights into the Hollywood industry.