Curriculum & Instructional Environment

The curriculum consists of a project-driven English program that actively engages students in their learning process. Students reinforce language skills, as well as develop new ones which will help them succeed in a post-secondary setting. Through a variety of projects and task-based activities, including debates, presentations, research, and teamwork they will improve their communicative and leadership abilities. Students also participate in a fun-filled activity program and live in either a homestay, campus dormitory, homestay, or residence. These experiences help students gain confidence, develop life skills, encourage effective communication, and build life-long international friendships. Program staff provide personalized and quality customer service throughout the enrollment process and during the program. Our team prides itself on its ability to exceed expectations to ensure a positive experience for all.

Program Highlights

* 20 lessons per week

* 2 program-specific Cultural Workshops per week

* Maximum 10 students per class

* Fast-paced and exciting classes with valuable course content that builds confidence

* Five half-day excursions/activities per week + 1 full day excursion

* 21 meals per week for campus programs (meal money provided during off-campus activities)

• Theme-based Cultural Workshops by location: 

       Barnard - College Readiness

       Georgetown - Leadership    

       Pepperdine- Movie and Music Industry

       USD/S.D. - Environment and Sustainability

       UCB/S.F. - Technology