Sample Schedule Middle School

7:30 am Overnight campers - wake up!
8:00 am Breakfast in the dining hall (overnight campers)
9-9:15 am Extended day camper check-in
9:15 am Warm-up
9:30 am Movement class
10:00 am Acting workshop
12:00 pm Lunch in the dining hall (included for overnight & extended day campers;
day campers can purchase an optional lunch package or bring a lunch)
1:00 pm Recreation
1:30 pm Acting workshop
3:30 pm Elective 1
5:00 pm Day camper check-out
5:30 pm Dinner in the dining hall (overnight & extended)
6:30 pm Electives 2
8:00 pm Evening recreation activities
9:00 pm Extended day camper check-out
9:30 pm Floor check