Designed to help students build confidence in their public speaking skills, our Public Speaking Institute trains students in public speaking, logic, and rhetoric through an interactive and dynamic curriculum that encourages incremental progress through ongoing practice and exercise. Over the course of the 5-day program, students will participate in two main courses: Public Speaking and Debate.

Each week, students will choose a major focus area: Debate or Public Speaking. 

Students may repeat the course up to two times doing each major once. 


In this course, young debaters will learn the art of persuasive communication and develop critical thinking skills that will empower them to express their ideas effectively.  Through fast-paced engaging activities and structured debates, students will gain valuable tools to construct compelling arguments, counter opposing viewpoints, and cross-examine skillfully.

Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to debate a wide range of age-appropriate topics that encourage exploration of diverse perspectives. By forming teams and engaging in friendly competition with their fellow campers, students will enhance their ability to present well-reasoned arguments while respecting the viewpoints of others. In the past, our debates have covered thought-provoking topics such as "Should schools mandate uniforms?" and "Should junk food be allowed in school vending machines?"

A key aspect of this program is teaching students to argue both sides of each resolution. This exercise fosters empathy and a deeper understanding of complex issues. By developing balanced arguments, participating in rigorous cross-examinations, and delivering powerful rebuttals, students will learn to communicate their thoughts confidently and engage in respectful intellectual discussions.

The skills acquired in this course extend beyond the realm of debate. Students will enhance their analytical thinking, public speaking, and quick reasoning skills. These skills will prove beneficial in academic settings, extracurricular activities, and future professional endeavors.

 Enroll now and witness your child's development into a skilled debater and critical thinker.

Public Speaking: Delivery / Persuasive Speaking 

In this course, young speakers will embark on a journey to develop their authentic voice as they learn the art of crafting and delivering engaging speeches. Throughout the week, students will engage in a series of exercises designed to hone their delivery skills, including voice projection, gestures, timing, and intonation.

As students gain comfort with delivery, they will transition into constructing speeches based on topics of their own choosing. Guided by our expert instructors, students will learn how to refine their chosen topics, create captivating introductions, organize speech content effectively, and deliver memorable conclusions. The emphasis is on natural, confident speaking, encouraging students to rely on their own voice rather than relying heavily on notes. This approach stands in contrast to the traditional method of reading aloud an essay, commonly taught as "public speaking."

At the end of the week, all students will showcase their progress by presenting a speech to their fellow campers. This provides an opportunity for them to apply the skills they have learned in a supportive and encouraging environment.

By the end of the course, students will have developed invaluable public speaking skills that extend far beyond the classroom. They will have gained confidence in self-expression, improved their ability to engage an audience, and refined their communication techniques. These skills will prove indispensable in various academic, personal, and professional settings.

Enroll now and witness the transformation as your child embraces their unique voice and captivates audiences with their compelling speeches.