Week 1: Building Foundations

Day 1: Introduction to Coaching

  • Overview of coaching speech and debate
  • Understanding the role of a coach
  • Setting goals for program development

Day 2: Building a Successful Program

  • Strategies for program organization and management
  • Recruiting and retaining students
  • Establishing team culture and community

Day 3: Fundraising and Resource Management

  • Exploring fundraising strategies for speech and debate programs
  • Budgeting and resource allocation
  • Maximizing resources for program sustainability

Day 4: Curriculum Development

  • Designing a comprehensive curriculum for speech and debate classes
  • Integrating standards and educational objectives
  • Selecting appropriate materials and resources

Day 5: Running Your Program as an After-School Club

  • Effective strategies for managing after-school club activities
  • Balancing academics, extracurriculars, and competition
  • Engaging with school administration and support staff

Week 2: Advanced Coaching Techniques

Day 6: Individual Events Coaching

  • Techniques for coaching interpretation, platform, and limited preparation events
  • Providing feedback and guidance on performance and delivery
  • Developing effective practice routines

Day 7: Coaching Debate Events: Part 1

  • Introduction to debate formats (Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum)
  • Understanding debate theory and argumentation
  • Coaching strategies for debate preparation and competition

Day 8: Coaching Debate Events: Part 2

  • Advanced techniques for debate case construction and rebuttals
  • Analyzing evidence and research strategies
  • Preparing students for tournament success

Day 9: Lab Visits and Special Sessions

  • Opportunities to visit lab groups and classes for specific event training
  • Guest lectures and workshops by experienced coaches and educators
  • Occasional access to the national-caliber staff of the regular camp sessions

Day 10: Resource Sharing and Final Reflection

  • Sharing of classroom resources and materials among coaches
  • Reflection on key takeaways and insights from the clinic
  • Development of action plans for implementing new strategies and techniques

Levels of Experience: The program is designed for beginning to intermediate level coaches, ranging from those with no prior experience to a few years of experience. Participants must be post-high school and at least 18 years of age. We cannot accept high school students or minors for this program.

Conclusion: The Two-Week Speech and Debate Coaches Clinic at Stanford University provides a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for coaches seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in speech and debate coaching. Through structured discussions, hands-on activities, and access to experienced coaches, participants will leave the clinic equipped with the tools and resources to build and lead successful speech and debate programs.