Varsity and Encore speech students will have the opportunity to select one of three majors to focus on during camp: 

Interpretive Events, which include Duo Interp,(Both Students Must Be Present), Humorous Interp, Dramatic Interp, Programmed Oral Interp, Prose/Poetry. You will learn how to choose material, learn the magic of cutting a play to 10 minutes, learn character voices, character positions, learn how to reveal subtext and objectives. You will walk away with a variety of interpretive techniques to take with you so that you can practice at home.

Platform and Writing Events, which include Original Oratory, Original Advocacy, Expository/Informative. Students will be guided through the entire writing journey from choosing, clarifying and perfecting a topic, where and how to research, drafting a speech (Problem/Cause/Solution), practicing and learning the magic of delivery. You will have hands-on help from start to finish.

Limited Prep Events, include Extemporaneous Speaking and Impromptu. Here you will focus on speech prep, outlining a winning speech, research, structure, cause and effect, and learning techniques that will improve your overall public speaking in rounds.

Interpretation Curriculum Outline 

Varsity Competitive Speech
Week 1

  • Interpretation. vs. Acting- Breaking down the differences and how to infuse acting into interp.
  • How to find and cut a script-You will learn where to find and utilize all the resources you will need to find the perfect script and learn how to craft the best cutting for you.
  • Approach to a Winning Speech- Will learn about Beats, Labeling a Script, Finding Character Clues, Subtext, Objectives, Super Objectives, and Analyzing a Scene. Will understand how to write a winning intro.
  • Philosophies of Acting and How to Infuse The Right Ones Into Your Speech- You will break down the differences between the best acting teacher's methods and find the perfect technique for you. Will learn how to use Repetition, Provocative Statements, Effective Memory, Affective vs. Effective, Overall Sensation, The Magic As If, and ultimately, how to live truthfully in imaginary circumstances.
  • Memorization- Learn the best tips to memorizing.
  • Campfire Performance- Will perform the first 3-4 minutes of your interpretation for a fun night under the stars!!

Week 2
  • Physical Approach to Interp-Will learn the fundamentals to character and body positions. Will practice the top three character poses in interp. Will work on the tuning of your body as it is your instrument for performance. Will breakdown physical gestures and how characters are revealed through body positions.
  • Finding and Creating a Character Voice- will create a character voice map that will breakdown- pitch, Tone, Tempo, Rhythm, Fluctuation, Voice Placement
  • Professionalism and Etiquette at Tournaments- You are judged from the minute you set foot at a tournament. Become a serious contender by understanding what a dress code is, knowing your space in a round, Exercise positive behavior in a round, The in's and Out's of delivering an intro, the art of listening, Focus, Focus. What is winning and losing gracefully, how to breakdown a ballot, what is useful and what is not, understanding appreciation and respect at tournaments and being physically and mentally fit for competition.
  • End of Camp Mock Tournament- Camp will end with a camp wide interp tournament to be judged by speech champions and coaches

Limited Prep Curriculum Outline

Week 1
  • Limited Prep Best Practices
  • Finding Your LP Advantage-Students will undergo guided individual exercise to develop a speaking identity and style with which they will stand out
  • Efficiency in Argumentation-Students will understand how to explain intensely complex issues simply
  • Evidence Best Practices and Media Trends-Students will learn about and practice techniques in gathering and applying evidence to highlight high-level arguments
  • Advanced Content Lecture: The US and World Economy -In the content lecture series, students will participate in highly interactive sessions while gaining a key advantage in contextualizing future content knowledge
  • Advanced Content Lecture: US and World Politics
  • Memorization Strategies
  • Delivering Stylishly and Persuasively
  • Campfire Performance- Will perform speeches as a part of a fun night under the stars!!

Week 2
  • Owning the Room -Students will hear and practice strategies to control the space in round and stand out among their competitors!
  • Elevated language and Style
  • LP Humor Writers Room -Students will explore how levity can highlight a performance and craft comedic compliments to topical conversations
  • Advanced Content Lecture: Foreign Policy and International Relations
  • Advanced Content Lecture: Science, Technology, and the Environment
  • Advanced Content Lecture: Human Rights and Social Issues
  • Tournament Strategies Round Table -Students and staff will engage in a discussion on how to make the most of tournament days
  • Year Round Practice Strategies -Students will explore news diet best practices and techniques to keep the competitive edge all season
  • End of Camp Mock Tournament- Camp will end with a camp-wide tournament to be judged by speech champions and coaches.