Education Unlimited is proud to host international students from around the globe at nearly all of our high school programs, and many of our middle school programs, each summer. This page provides an overview of the services we provide for international students and their families, frequently asked questions, and our international student enrollment policies.

Services for International Students

We make it easy for international students to join our programs! Some of the services we provide for international students include:

  • Airport transportation to and from camp*
  • Extra night stays to accommodate international flights*
  • Paperwork to assist in securing the appropriate visa
  • Travel and transportation advice
  • Multi-program bundles and customizable 2- to 6-week programs

*Extra charges may apply

English Language Proficiency Requirements

For most of our programs we recommend intermediate level conversational and written English skills (using theCommon European Framework, level B1 or equivalent). For Summer Focus at UC Berkeley and A+ Summer Pre-College, we recommend level B2 or equivalent.

International Student Enrollment Policies

Students are considered to be International Students if any of the following are true:

  • The billing address or home address on file is international
  • The credit card, wire transfer, check or other form of payment is drawn on a non-US bank
  • Student requires support from our office is required in the submission of a Visa application
  • Emergency contact address or phone number is outside of the U.S.

For international students, we assess an additional fee of $100 for the first week of camp and $50 for each additional week (except for Summer Focus, which has separate pricing from our standard international fees). We offer a variety of additional services for international students, including providing documentation of enrollment that can be presented for visa applications (see below for information about our visa policy). In addition, this fee is used to offset a number of additional expenses Education Unlimited incurs on behalf of international students, including, but not limited to, increased credit card fees (roughly double that of domestic cards), wire transfer fees, international phone charges, additional staff time, postage, and increased campus fees for some programs (for example Summer Focus at UC Berkeley). Additionally, on occasion, international students may experience unusually long travel delays, or complications that require additional staff supervision. Note, however, that the international fee does not cover any extra nights of dorm housing should a delay in travel occur.

International Visas: The United States generally requires foreign students to have a properly authorized visa to enter the United States (to attend our programs, or for any other purpose). Upon request, Education Unlimited will provide documentation about the nature of our programs and confirmation of enrollment that can be presented to the appropriate US Embassy/Consulate. In most cases this has been sufficient for participants to attend on tourist class visas or under the visa waiver program for our various enrichment programs. However, all visa decisions are made by US immigrations agents and officials according to their reading of US law and policy on granting visas, and Education Unlimited provides no assurance or warranty that a visa will be granted in any given case. For this reason we strongly recommend that all international families dependent upon the issuance of a visa purchase our Cancellation Protection Plan, and apply for a visa well before the program start date, so that it can be known with certainty that a visa has been fully authorized and secured. An exception to our standard Visa policies is considered a financial issue that only the Education Unlimited Executive Director or CFO can waive or modify on behalf of Education Unlimited, and any such waiver or modification must be made in advance and must be made in writing.