What happens once I submit my application? Will I receive a call or email confirming that my application and resume have been received?

You will receive an email confirmation from our online application system indicating that your application has been received. You will also receive an email alert if elements of your application are missing or incomplete. If we are interested in setting up an interview, we will contact you directly. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of job applications we receive, we are unable to contact each applicant individually regarding his or her application status.

If EU is interested in setting up an interview, what is the process?

Camp Directors, with the support of home office Division Coordinators, are primarily responsible for interviewing and hiring staff for their individual camp(s). Headquarters staff will review applications and pass them on to the appropriate Camp Director(s). Candidates may be contacted by more than one Camp Director from Education Unlimited. Each Camp Director will conduct his or her own interviews. One of our home office staff members or Division Coordinators may also contact you to conduct an initial phone interview.

How many positions are available? How long will it take to receive a call once I submit my resume and application?

There is no set number of positions we are seeking to fill. Education Unlimited hires summer camp staff on a rolling basis, as camp enrollment increases. Our staffing needs continue to change throughout the season. Hiring will begin in February and will continue throughout the spring and summer as our student enrollment increases. The bulk of our hiring decisions are made between February and July for a camp season that runs from mid-June through mid-August. We do continue to accept and encourage job applications throughout the summer since occasionally we have last minute hiring needs.

What if I receive an email indicating that my application is incomplete?

If you receive an email indicating your application is incomplete, please resubmit your application online. If this problem persists, please let us know by emailing