Education Unlimited Programs in Cambridge, MA

Education Unlimited Programs in Cambridge, MA

Education Unlimited's Cambridge, Massachusetts location is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).   Founded in 1861, MIT's campus is located near the Harvard Bridge and spans approximately a mile along the north side of the Charles River. The campus is divided by Massachusetts Avenue, with most dormitories to the west and most academic buildings to the east.

  • Students entering grades 4-8 can attend our Day Programs at MIT. These programs run Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm and lunch is included daily.
  • Students entering grades 9-12 can attend our Extended Day programs from 9am to 9pm (lunch and dinner included) or they can stay overnight in the MIT residence halls during our overnight programs. Meals and housing are included for overnight campers.

*Please note, Education Unlimited summer programs held at MIT are not sponsored by MIT, and neither the views expressed by any of the staff nor any of the curriculum offered by Education Unlimited are supported or endorsed by MIT.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MIT will be closed this summer. All Education Unlimited 2020 programs at MIT have been transferred to our other campuses or will be postponed to summer 2021.  

For Summer 2020, please check out our on-campus programs at UCLA.  

We will also be offering a suite of online programs for summer 2020 to assist our students who are unable to travel. 


Upcoming Camps in Education Unlimited Programs in Cambridge, MA

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