what to do with your kids this summer

What to do With Your Kids in The Summer

The summer is coming and that means you have the opportunity to spend more time with your kids. Here at Education Unlimited, we have a round-up of things you can do with your kids while they are on school break. 


Here are the top activities we recommend: 

1. Strawberry Picking

This is the perfect time of year to get out of the house and enjoy the warm weather. Taking your children to a local farm provides you the ability to get outside while teaching them about the ecosystem. Depending on where you live, there may be farms that offer other produce picking options. 

2. Camp Out on Your Deck

You don’t have to leave home to give your kids an experience of camping out. If you have a deck, or a flat backyard, set up the tent and sleeping bags for them to spend the night in. To complete the experience, you can cookout over a fire or on the grill. 

3. Make Bird Feeders

There are plenty of simple ways to make birdfeeders for your backyard. A popular way is to smear peanut butter on a pinecone or plate and cover it with bird seeds. Then, tie a string around the pinecone or attach it to the plate and hang from a tree. 

4. Cook a Meal Weekly

Teaching your child how to cook a meal each week is a valuable life skill that will stick with them for many years. Take time on the weekend to plan the meal you will cook together and go to the store to purchase the items. When it comes time to actually make the recipe, let them read it and take the lead on the work. 

If there are things they cannot do, such as cutting vegetables or cutting on burners, you can handle that for them. However, let them do as much of the process as possible. 

5. Volunteer Together

Even children as young as 5 can have the opportunity to volunteer in the community. You’ll have to find a project or organization that takes your kids at the ages they are. Look at churches and community centers for things they can do. 

If you can’t find anything in the community for them to help with, consider doing an online Go Fund Me for an organization you support. Or, they can set up a stand somewhere that’s in a public path and sell items to raise money. 

6. Take Advantage of The Public Library

All libraries offer summer activities to help parents keep their kids engaged and learning. You can take advantage of the summer reading programs which encourage kids to read at least 1 book per week. Or, you can see their list of daily activities to be a part of. 

7. Walk on a Nature Trail 

Find a park or nature trail in your area that you’ve never been on before. Pack lunch and head to the trails for a few hours. Early mornings are best to avoid the heat of the day. Or, choose a park that has shaded trails to keep you from becoming overheated while walking. 

8. Make a Fort

Indoor forts are so much fun for kids! They can use furniture in the house or buy a kit that has a form. Let them set it up for a day and use it like a tiny house. They can have lunch inside the fort and play. 

9. Write Cards to Relatives

Let them practice their handwriting by writing letters to the people in their family. Add art time to the project by letting them draw a picture on the front of a blank card and then write the note inside of it. This is a great way for them to think about others during this time. 

10. Bake Cookies Together

Keep their math skills in practice by baking cookies together. Measuring out baking ingredients needs to be exact. Consider doubling the recipe or cutting it in half to teach them fractions. It’s a great way to visualize how fractions work in real life. 

11. Have a Standup Comedy Night

Find a comedian that is appropriate for younger audiences and watch a few sets as a family. Then, have your kids get up and tell jokes from a joke book or ones that they wrote. Take turns trying to make each other laugh. 

12. Sell Thing on Facebook Marketplace

Yardsales are a lot of work and tend to happen in the heat of the day. Your kids can sell things just as easily on Facebook marketplace. Ask them to clean out things from their room that they no longer want to have. You can list the items on the marketplace for them and let them keep the money from the sale. It’s a great way for them to clear out the clutter and make extra money during the summer. 

13. Visit Nursing Homes

Older people love to see young kids any chance they get. Take your children to a nursing home to visit with the older generation. Call ahead to the nursing home and find out the age limits and any other precautions that need to be taken before visiting. 

14. Clean up The Yard

No matter how old your children are, they can all pitch in on yard work. You can make this an opportunity for them to earn money. Or you can use it as a way for them to get exercise and bond as a family. Buy flowers and plant them somewhere in the yard for the kids to take care of in the coming weeks. 

15. Adopt a Road

Check with local Ruritan clubs or other organizations that adopt roads for clean-up. Find out what the age limits are and see if your kids can help out with pickup. If they can’t clean-up trash on side roads, take them to a public park and let them clean up the grounds. It’s great to teach them kindness and public service. 

16. Enroll in Educational Camps

Here at Education Unlimited, we offer summer camps for our students. During these weeks, we target several different types of courses such as: 

We’re proud to give our students the high-quality summer education they need to bridge the gap. We take this time to help them invest in areas of interest and gain better knowledge of the subjects. 

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